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  1. Jason Massey just watched your video and it is better than good and been practicing 16 right out of 22 bets 12 right out of 19 and 9 out of 11 shoes were all different some with curtains and others with 4 in a row and 1 with a long dragon tail and I caught the lot remembering that your system and common sense go a long way and as you say Jay any fool can make money out of baccarat if they stick to your bet selection I'm practicing probably 5 or 6 times a day every day and watching everything you put up on you tube many times to get it right thanks Jay you are as you say the baccarat god stay healthy and have a good year

  2. Jason Massey your coin flip works well highest bet 5 units tested it with 14 bets it's very surprising got 12 units out of 14 bets up if I lose down if I win good one once again jay

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