1. I see the ladder progression, however what is negative progression. For example if base bet is lost is the counter F4? Or is it normal F2? Also if L4 is lost than is the counter F4 and the continued negative progression F5 or F6 after a VW?

  2. You've got OVER A MILLION DOLLAR BANK ROLL.  YOU don't need a STRATEGY when you have THAT MUCH TO PLAY WITH!!  Did you think we're ALL MILLIONAIRES OR SOMETHING…..HELLO ???

  3. $10,000 per week
    I watch and I try to answer the question. How do I make $10,000 per week based on what is presented in the video?
    I don't doubt that $10,000 per week can be made, just not based on what was presented in video.
    If one is lucky enough, $100,000 per week could be made.
    Most of us are just not quite that lucky though.

  4. how to make $10000 a week. step 1, have one million bankroll. step 2, just play cos ya have 1 mil, betting at $100 means nothing thats like me betting 1c with my 1k bankroll

  5. This seems like you just won but your style of betting seems to be like your just following the last one that one but what happens when player wins once then banker then play then banker if it goes back and fourth you would of lost every bet

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