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In this video, Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell plays Baccarat Live and shows you how to win.

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  1. Hey Christopher. How are you man? If possible your next videos if you can raise the volume. I like to be able to hear you loud and clear. I am also hard of hearing. Thanks man God Bless

  2. Yo my man, I've been doing your strategies on baccarat and roulette and so far in 4 days I've made 17.9% on my starting balance, just getting 1 win at a time only playing 1 to 5 hands each session, thank you for sharing your life changing work

  3. Thank you for playing a whole shoe for us! I felt like I was at the casino table with you, I liked to see how you handled a shoe through and through. Very interesting to see your thought process because I do play Baccarat everyday online at that Casino. The Beginning of that shoe never happens with that chop though lol. Wouldn't mind if you did more shoes of Baccarat like that I watched every minute of it!

  4. I always play from home and implement your diversety of methods to play baccarat and roulette and try to keep it as simple as it gets, keep up the works I know a lot of people love it.

  5. Great video goat … I really like the look of goat haaaaaaa ….. the way you played and the reasoning was excellent … I'm following you're bible and I'm winning small thanks again the legend of the goat .

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