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In this video, Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell shows you a Baccarat Winning Strategy that can make you $500+ per day making small bets.

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  1. Since watching Chris video on the first time n still continue watching, I've been following what's he say and I really making 300 to 500 a day at my comfort, I'm a pro now too.

  2. PLEASE show a video where you use your one-bet win and walk strategy to win $500. It would mean so much to your subscribers to see you actually win a large amount on video. I really like your approach of getting a win, logging out, waiting, then logging back in for another win. Obviously you can do this over a period of time, like you did in this video. But instead of winning 3 units, string enough together to show us what it takes to win $500 using this method. I think we'd all like to see that. Thanks for another GOAT video!! And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

  3. Just tried and proved this worked. I started with 100$ in my balance on the website just like you and keeping track of every bet in my excel sheet and did 10$ bets for 10 hours. I obviously took breaks like10 minutes sometimes 3 mins or 2 mins , but as long as i got that reset of nervousness out and was very very patient and disciplined i got results " you need to take breaks: and manufacture like you are leaving the casino 60 times lol if that makes any sense . I got close a few times at 5 martingales thank god they all went fine. 50- 60 hands later i have an ending balance of 601$ started with 100$… this works!! eventually I want to upgrade to 50$ units so i can only do 10 hands 50$ each instead of 50-60 hands for 10 hours and do 50$ hands in 3.33 hours thanks Chris i hope i can keep this consistent!!!

  4. Your strategy change my lives forever. Now i am contented with 10grand daily. Hope to continue this streak for one month to see where i stand.

  5. I am confused. Christopher, if you have said that online casinos are a scam, then what online casino are you using? How or why do you trust the online casino? I was scammed by an online casino and saw uncanny manipulation take place as you have witnessed yourself. The closest casino to me is 4hrs away and due to the pandemic, I am not able to go to brick and mortar casinos due to health concerns in my household. I really want to play online but do not know of any casinos I trust. I would appreciate your input. You and your family take care!

  6. I tried this strategy using a particular pattern that I look for using fake money to test it out. Played 100 shoes and won all of them. 1 win then go to a new shoe. Got to the 5th Martingale only 4 times out of 100 shoes and won them all. Gonna try this live when I have the chance. Thanks a lot for the video.

  7. I use to pay a lot of money for betting systems and I still lose. After watching your videos, I've realized you have to have discipline and don't get greedy. Thanks for showing everyone how it's done, your knowledge is priceless.

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