Learn From the Best: How to Play Baccarat. At Viejas Casino & Resort, our dealers will teach you how to play casino table games. Watch this how-to video where Izzy, an expert dealer at Viejas, shows two of her friends how Baccarat is easy and fun to play and even more fun to win!

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  1. Great casino hands down my number one pick and go to place friendly and pay outside are good only thing that could be a little better is the gifts or free play jamuldbeat them there but even with that being said I will always choosec viejas

  2. Personally, I’ve never played Baccarat, but it was interesting. I learned something new & the instructor was very clear. When I’m ready to play Baccarat, I’ll definitely go to Viejas to give it a go.

  3. Best casino in San diego… great hotels… excellent service… updated rooms….you have to stay at the willows for a night or two of gambling and relaxing. Thanks Viejas. Keep up the good work …loose slots in SD!!!!

  4. Sorry ……the instruction was perfect and crystal clear. Excellent quick explination of the game and the rules.all wrapped up in 5 minutes. Well done ladies. Clear and concise. Classy Viejas

  5. THANK YOU! you would think there were more videos on how to play this game. I was intimidated by it and the casino even made it difficult to understand as if i was bothering them asking for instruction. Thank you!

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