Learn how to play mini-baccarat with this in-depth video. This covers the basics, the baccarat table layout, the 3 Card Rule, Tie, Commission and the Dragon Bet.



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Table of Contents (Sorted By Alphabetical Order)
3 Types of Baccarat – 00:40
Adding Up the Cards – 03:01
Adding Up the Cards – Practice Hands – 03:44
Baccarat Layout – 01:16
Bank – 01:20
Basics of the Game – 02:39
Betting Area – 01:48
Breakage – 10:02
Casino Edge – 00:56
Commission – 08:40
Commission – Practice Hands – 10:40
Commission Box – 01:24
Commission Box – 11:21
Cultural Influences – 02:04
Difference Between “8 to 1” and “9 for 1” – 07:55
Dragon Bet – 11:52
Punto Banco – 00:15
Shoe, The – 01:42
Tie – 07:28
Tie – Practice Hands – 08:17
When to Draw a 3rd Card – 04:49
When to Draw a 3rd Card – Practice Hands – 06:42



  1. The Player's hand goes first.
    When a Player gets a 6-7 they Stand. When the Player Stands on a 6-7, the Banker will always draw a card on totals of 0 – 5 and the Banker will Stand on 6-9.
    So if the Player and the Banker have a 6 then they would both stay.
    There is a link (in the info section) that will take you to the chart with the rules of when to draw a 3rd card.

  2. So how much control does the player actually have? Other than making a blind bet on who wins? Do they decide whether do draw a third card or is that determined only by the chart in the video?

  3. Towards the bottom of the Baccarat Chart, it says "If the Player takes no third card Banker stands on 6". This is pretty confusing and I'm not sure why this tidbit is included. If the Player takes no third card, it means it has a total of 6 to 9. 8 or 9 means the Banker can't draw a third card anyway, so that quote probably assumes the Player has a 6 or 7. In this case, the Banker must stand on a 6 OR 7. Why is that above quote worded that way? Am I missing something?

  4. Thank you for video.
    and i don't understand "6:41". why banker stop?
    banker is 6. so draw!

    Banker stoping is only '7'.
    but subtitle is "The Banker will always stand on a  6-9."

    I don't understand.. help me..

  5. Did you ever deal the mini Baccarat game? It seems like whenever I go to a casino and see a mini baccarat table, it is seldom active. I rarely see a full table and often see no one at the table at all. Plus, the game seems like it is kinda slow also since players usually take a while before placing a bet. Given those factors, it can't be a very profitable game for the casino. I would think that the bigger table games where the players handle the cards would do much better. I was just wondering what you observations were assuming that you've dealt the game in the past.

  6. The 5% commission is bs, what if I owe a certain amount of commission but lose all my money, then how the hell am I suppose to pay for it. Luckily the tables I play don't have that crap, as I usually end up broke LOL

  7. if the player third card is 4 and the banker first 2 cards is 5 the banker has to draw but why did you stop and anounce banker win. And the player third card is 9 and the banker first 2 cards is 6 the banker should not draw any additional card according to the rules.

  8. I want to know the "Why" Of the rules. Example. If the bakers first two cards are a 5 then they only draw a third card if player has 4-7. First thing that comes to mind is "Why?" if the player has a 4 and the banker a 5. Why not stay on 5 and call it a banker win?

  9. If the house edge is calculated at 1.07% for banker, is that before or after the 5% commission? Also, if the commission is rounded, wouldn't that change the house edge if calculated as including the commission? Either way, if the commission is .25 on a $1 bet and .25 on a $5, the $1 player would be getting severely ripped off. I guess the alternative if you want to play amounts other than $5, $10, $15, etc is to play on a machine console. Most of those I have seen charge whatever the 5% commission comes to instead of rounding it off.

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