Hello my loves and welcome to the Perfume Realm!

I’m pretty sure you guys don’t want me to link the perfume in this vid lol!

I was requested to share the seller i.d.
Originally I did not list it because my intention is not to destroy a legitimate business and I was unsure if the seller even knew that they had a fraudulent product in their inventory, but I do not want anyone else to go through this. For this reason I will share the seller’s name: perfumerlux

Hope you are all doing well xoxo

#fakebaccaratrouge540 #baccaratrouge540scam



  1. I own 2 of these. I never had any second thoughts about my unit as people could feel the sillage even If I was not around them but after watching this video I juz rushed to my closet with my heart pumping and inspected everything and found that my bottles are original and everything you said in video comparing the original bottle was true. Lady you just gave me a hard time which was worth it. Kudos ✌️

  2. I got scammed with a Baccarat Rouge 540. Bought it on ebay, and the smell is close to disgusting 🙁 Just yicki sour :/ The bottle is close to the real deal but with some differences, and the juice is darker in the fake one. I just contacted the seller and will ask ebay for help with the refund if I can't sort anything out with the (low life) seller. I am sorely tempted to warn you against this seller here, but maybe that is taking it a bit too far… for now. The worst part of this, is that I bought another one from someone else on ebay which smells wonderful, but I don't know if that one is a fake as well! I just know, that the bottle on that one looks more authentic, and the smell is great :/

  3. I almost purchased a bottle on EBay for $90 but I changed my mind. It didn’t feel right. I purchased a 4ML for $27 and now I’m wondering about that . Thank you for sharing

  4. You may have purchase a Baccarat Rouge tester.The perfume tester smells exactly like the original only the box and the bottle differ .that doesn't mean the perfume is not original .Enter the barcode on Digit-Eyes and you will know if the perfume is a tester or if it's fake

  5. Hi. I wanted to ask you, do you think it should be your duty to inform someone they have a fake bottle on a public space like instagram? There's two people under the #maisonlancome hashtag that I see waving a fake Oud Bouquet and Jasmins Marzipane … I feel a bit embarrassed for them why no one in the fragcomm has told them the bottles are not legitimate…

  6. Thank you. Just received my bottle. The scent was the first sign it was fake then I realised the J was as you described to be fake. I sprayed it on my sleeve and instantly felt sick. Had to shower and throw everything outside. Who knows what is in that bottle but it has now been an hour since my shower and I still feel unwell. Thanks so much for your video. x

  7. I just bought it, and discovered it was fake. The main question is. The smell seems the same, what is the difference of the actual juice?
    Thanks you very much for your video

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