1. Thanks for your interesting videos series.. The golden rule is not to bet every single hand. Can you do some videos on money managements? example 1 3 2 4 winning betting,?..or some kind of betting formula ? (but definitely not Flat Betting or Martingale that are sure lose in the long run)..

  2. So does this work looking for 4 sets of BB and PP? And what happens when you miss, just wait for another BB or PP? I'm just using 2s as an example.
    Ty for the video 👌

  3. watching from the Philippines. could you please make a video on betting proression in case i lose.
    And also how can i recover quickly from 3 consecutive losses. how much bet to place.
    ex. 124. next is 369. if lose. 6 9 12

  4. Well! I like your coaching but I have to try first and then I’ll get back to you. I have been gambling for a while but as long as you stay longer always you lose. Thanks.

  5. Could you please be more clear? Your instructions make no sense whatsoever. I do appreciate the information, but I don't understand. Could you please do a new video on this? I don't understand when to bet, or what to bet on. Could you do 5 or 10 shoes, and give examples of what to do?

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