Don’t panic & RECOVER! Check out a few examples on how I use money management to break even or be up on units! I am playing my HA system & I get off to a bad start. Using a bet spread on unit size helps me recoup my losses!

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  1. Thanks for the strategy.. You are right if you play long you'll get busted.. But can i use only one pattern the BBP for the rest of my plays until i won up to my desire amount??

  2. Enjoying watching your videos, yeah these online casinos can be a real pain. Don’t know what your local casinos offer but personally I prefer Stadium Baccarat. Palace Station in Vegas($5) is my new favorite. On East Coast Rivers Casino ($15).
    Look forward to more videos, especially those that show the bad shoes and your stop loss.

  3. Hi! I tested strategies for blackjack on one website. And I got a profit after 100k hands with starting to bet Martingale after 12 losing hands in a row. But this is hardly applicable in real life since you should wait for dealer to lose 12 in a row, and profit was usually rather small like 50-100 from 500 bankroll. But my point is this proves when dealer win multiple Hands in a row, player have slightly more chances of winning. Do you think there's a strategy that could capitalize on losing streaks?

  4. Hi Rafael.
    In here most of casinos baccarat is limited bet is $1 minimum and $100 Is maximum bet.

    So if I want to start playing with $10 unit .
    Is it possible?

    And how much bankroll do I need.

    So could you please tell me t

  5. I use a strategy very similar. But my strategy is that in each row, Player will hit once in first 6 times. It has hit every time for me till now. I use martingale until it does not hit. This way I don't pay commission. 6 rows means 6 units and then jump to next shoe. 🙂

  6. Hi 👋🏻! In this video you show you’re winning +3 right?
    But at the end your balance is lower than when you started. I mean at beginning was mBTC 8.24 and at the end of video your balance is mBTC 8.01.
    Si you ended loosing $$$ aren’t u?

  7. I've seen a lot of time when the bet gets rejected my online casino also holds the bet captive for about 3minutes. It's extremely annoying. Not only does your bet get rejected but it takes an awfully long time for the bet amount to get returned to your balance. Ones and zeros… Love the content!

  8. you start at 8.24 and end with 8.01 so you play with lose but i think its realy safe bit this way normal so far i know say every one hit and run how longer you play how more you lose

  9. You r the genius whenever i started to watch ur videos i have gone mad bc your educating us like a gods man you change my whole senerio of playing game of chance thanks bro god bless you i m very poor person i pray for from heart sorry my English love u sir

  10. bets getting rejected happens a lot on these tables. Usually down to a poor connection. i have never encountered the lag either so perhaps you don't get a strong internet where you are?

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