winning at Baccarat
By popular request lets play deb’s system through a whole shoe’
improving on 6 Martingales
I have Only played this system with Debbie’s Lasted twist on the simulator.
I did play it a couple times without the 3 match ups But this seems a lot better.
Can’t wait for the casinos to reopen.



  1. Sorry I still don't see what your looking at. You say another opposite or a three match up. Can you point to what your seeing. I apologize a little slow at my age!! Thanks

  2. Mate I am smashing it with this strategy put in $60 real money upto $180 200% increase. The only thing I am doing differently is I only play two hands $5 $10 if I don't hit on the second bet I wait for the next setup 👍😁💵 💵 💵

  3. Guys, the methodology is to look at the preceding row of six decisions (using the Bead Road), and when the newest row differs for three straight decisions, then begin betting the same way as the sixth preceding decision and Martingale after a loss which forces the shoe to do some gymnastics to beat you . . . of course the problem (as our Amigo acknowledges) is that a loss can certainly occur, and at $100 starting bet a Martingale series loss would be catastrophic to most gamblers.

  4. For those of you who don't get his system, I'll try to explain. Write the results of each hand in a shoe in vertical columns going from top to bottom. Each succeeding column goes to the right of the preceding column. Do not include ties in these columns; just banker or player wins. In an average shoe, you will have 11 to 13 columns of 6 hands (that's 66 to 78 hands). You are comparing hands in one column to the corresponding hands in the preceding column. For instance, compare hand 7 to 1, 8-2, 9-3, etc. In this video, he's waiting for 3 hands in a column to be opposite of those in the preceding column. For instance, 7 doesn't match 1, 8 is not equal to 2, etc. When he gets 3 successive mismatches, he starts betting on whatever the hand in the preceding column won on. Example, 1=p, 2=p, 3=b, 4=b, 5=b, 6=p (that's column 1). If hand 7=b (opposite of hand 1), 8=b, and 9=a, he has 3 mismatches in a row. He bets on b for hand 10 (it matches hand 4). He bets the same as in the hands 6 hands back. Hope that helps.

  5. Mr. Amigo, I sent my Baccarat Big Bopper system to Craig. It's been working great for me. Over 100 shoes won without a loss using a modified Martingale betting progression. Try it out and share with your viewers if it passes your smell test. Can't wait for the casinos to re-open so I can try it out with real money. Stay safe and stay healthy.

  6. I appreciate your videos CasinoAmigos. I have a question regarding playing Debbie's system or Banker, Banker, Player when the casino only allows a 5 play martingale such as live casinos like 5dimes or Bovado. Do you have any suggestions on how to play these two systems when a 5 play martingale is the maximum allowed?

  7. Basically, you don't want 9 in a row if it repeats or 9 in a row if it goes opposite which is of course including the triggers. Good design but facts are facts . The good part is Debbie is using a 3 hand trigger to decide her entry point but all these are fallacies but used in a good way because we need fallacies to reach a decision. The fact is when she makes those bets, the probability is still 63/64 which is 98.5% to win 1.5% of Bankroll. She needs 63 wins to cover a loss. With that said, she managed to change the PROBABILITY of the game and NOT the ODDS of the game. Probability is an essential tool and not some flat betting method IMO.

    Testing is good only for execution purposes so that one can go about it smoothly. The results from testing don't mean anything because one is playing a different shoe every time.
    So if you want to design your own Martingale, try one that is somewhat similar to Debbie's because of one important characteristic i.e. SHE NEEDS TO WAIT FOR A TRIGGER & THE WAIT IS NOT TOO LONG nor TOO QUICK. That translates to this. She is not playing every hand.

    The only thing I don't like is the 6 Marty which is too steep and no Hit & Run which is the main reason we use Martingale to achieve success in the long run.

  8. Thanks for making this video CasinoAmigos and a HUGE thanks to Debbie for sharing this system!!!! I have played 25 complete shoes at MyBookie using this system and I am up 122 units and no losses. I did have to martingale a six bet 3 times and a five bet 3 times. I realize this is not a lot of data to go on but I am really loving this system!

  9. Simulators are great fun. They don't act as real shoes do for very long. Get 8 decks learn the drawing rules and practice. Your method of win one and walk us the best system. Bet selection methods break playing real shoe. Your Win and Run is the best idea. Keep up the reporting.

  10. If you get a chance to bet after three matching or not matching and it becomes a tie, do you continue to bet the same way as you were suppose to on the next hand or does the tie cancel out the three and you wait again for another set of three?

  11. Hola Amigos! I have 3 questions today.
    1- How long as Bettie played with that system
    2-What is Bettie max units win per day
    3-Did she ever lost with that system

    Thanks again and stay healthy sir, we need you.

  12. I very loved and liked the Debbie's system that I believed if I use the Debbie's system I would win money at Casino but I felt having a bit confuse about it that I hope would be had explained more detail about it again from the professional that would be helpful. Thank you so very much for supporting us!!!!

  13. If that was a real online casino, with real money, you would not win so many hands. You would also get that nightmare run of losses that kills you. This was bullshit. He hardly lost a hand, Lol.

  14. After watching this over and over i finally understand- however the six stage marty will get you sooner or later-a safer way to play would be to bet 1 unit and if lost wait for another 3 set-up and marty on this bet and if that loses wait for another 3 set-up and marty that bet-etc…….

  15. I like this but I would use it with a softer progression than marty. I like 10,15,20,25,30, etc. bet until even or up than wait for next match

  16. Can you explain this in a little more detail. I see the opposites & matches from the previous road but what are you betting for same & opposite & do you switch your bets on a loss?

  17. Can anyone come up with any safer progression than using a 6 step Marty? I'm thinking of using +1/-1 & continue it to next match. Resetting to 1 when in profit. Any thoughts?

  18. I agree with Mark Hunter. Not betting between lots of deals is not going to make the Casino happy and on line you may get cut off.
    I used the Debbie system on Roulette using the three sets of even chances at the same time as individual bets. I.e. three blocks of 6 deep times 9 lines. (54 spins). To make it easier to track after the initial 6 spins, alongside each result, (R/B, H/L, O/E), I put a small “O”or “S”. Comparing with the previous Line/bead. A quick glace is then all that’s needed.
    You actually bet over 90% of the time and when you start, by using the previous 6 spins you will cut out the waiting.
    Over five sessions of 54 spins the average win was total of 75. This is using 1 unit. Actual units would be based on your bank Roll. Perhaps 5 or10 or20. (Casino Amigos worked on 100 per unit!). A 1,2,4…Martingale was used with a stop after 3 losses and the Martingale was then continued at the next opportunity….. 8, 16, 32.

  19. Amigo hello sir I just caught an error u make on this shoe. U got bbbbbb and ur next bet supposed to be banker which u did but never followed up on the martingale banker instead u bet player next and u won. Why did u switch all of sudden am I missing something. Please explain. Thanks.

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  21. I have a bankroll of 9 spins and I have only reached 7 rolls max progressively betting this strategy works great. I put a twist if I hit 3 losses I wait till the next opposite match then play again so I don’t loose all my hand in a row and it’s been great. I can’t wait to use this in Vegas with a bigger bank roll to make sure I have at least 12 hands to play progressive betting. The key is to have a big bank roll.

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