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  1. From my personal opinion. After talking to many of the gamblers The consensus are that the casino let you win small but when u LOSE. U LOSE BIG. People just need to take some time and talk to other gamblers. U can state whatever you want. But that’s the bottom line.

  2. Try this betting strategy
    1)Bet the repeat with 2 units if you win continue betting the repeat with 1 unit
    2)When it turns to the next either goes from p to b or b to player bet the new just like step one bet the repeat with 2 units if you win keep betting with 1 unit by doing this you will lock in profits of 2 in a row runs and lock in long tun profits
    3)When it's choppy of opposite 1 in a row you lose After losing to a 1 in a row bet the next repeat in a single Unit
    4)If you lose twice to consecutive chops sit out the next hand until you see repeat the first repeat you see from here bet single Unit
    5)After the above sequence of events go back to the bringing with your betting strategy.

  3. Consider this from Nick Saban….."The process, loving the process, loving the daily grind of it, and putting the puzzle together. This generation seems to be really concerned with the end result of things versus understanding, appreciating the journey to get there – which is the most important – and the trials and tribulations that come with it. You have successes, you have failures, but it's all part of the end game.
    "What I see a lot of times from young players is they'll try, they'll push, and all of a sudden, they get hit with some adversity. 'Nah, let me do something else,' instead of staying with it. Just stay with it. A lot of guys give up on it because it's not happening now. Everybody wants to be the best, but not everybody wants to do what the best does. You've heard that one before. That's the challenge. But that's what I love about the process of being a coach."

  4. When a dragon tail on either side occurs 16x, then bet against that side, and Martingale your bets. You bet 1x in 3 shoes, and you only need 2500 units in your bankroll.

  5. Betting same or op of the second result is a very old and useful system but the sixtyfour doller question is when two switch, after one loss or two or three? Which ever you choose some shoes are dead and some not , played with sturn I've had fun at low stakes switching after one and waiting after two losses for a imaginary win too continue. But if wins are coming hard the best thing, is just to get out before you get in the hole and go have some pho.

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