I got scammed. I know it’s hard to pay the retail price for baccarat rouge 540 sometimes, many people want the perfume but not many want to spend a lot of money on a fragrance, but don’t get scammed.

Trying to save money on some “luxury items” cost you more in the long run sometimes.
Here I have my real Baccarat rouge 540 vs. a fake one , just so you can see the differences.


the box 00:50
the font / text on the box 1:13
the design n the packaging 2:10
bottom of the box 4:03
opening the box & inside of the box 5:36
the juice 8:08
the label on the perfume 9:12
the cap 10:27
the nozzle 11:00
advice 11:40

Baccarat rouge 540 is a coveted smell that many people try to replicate all the time. It’s a sweet perfume that both men and women can wear, because it’s not fruity or candy-like.
The get better and better at selling Baccarat Rouge 540 fake but there are so many key things to look out for. Small things and very obvious things also of course.

I hope this video showed you how to spot the real baccarat rouge 540 from the fake and shows you don’t be like me trying to save a couple dollars when it comes to this fragrance

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  1. Omg i would not have known!! Those are such minute details !!! Thank you so much for sharing !!! This is a very helpful video ! You can see even the tone of gold. The tone of red… 😱 So sorry that you went through that one..unthinkable what people do to try and fool others…

  2. Girl this happened to me!!! I have a fake BR540 Extrait from Etsy that I'm going to report ASAP. I had to go to Neiman Marcus and get the original to compare. I'm so annoyed at scammers! I have a bunch of almost brand new perfumes I was going to sell either on Etsy or mercari because I just don't like or wear them, and I wanted to buy from those sites first to get a feel for the process as a customer. Things like this are so unfortunate! I'm sorry your mom had to deal with this too!

  3. This was so helpful. I now know what to look out for if i every try to get this from anywhere except the retailer.That label was horrible. they didn't even try.

  4. Also another difference is the silhouette of the glass on the inside. The part that actually touches the juice if that makes sense. On the real one it curves in towards the center and then back out again where as the fake one just comes down straight slightly in towards the bottom.

  5. Wow so interesting to see their little blunders. They definitely got lazy on the cut out 🤦‍♀️ this will be a great reference vid for anyone wanting to buy it. Glad you got a new bottle 💕

  6. The B's – it's the empty space within the circular loops of the B. It has to look like it had room to curve. Like the thickness of the font isn't too much. The fake B has almost no "breathing space" left within the empty space, while the real B you can see both top and lower loops/empty spaces comfortably. Sorry your mom got scammed. This is one reason why I never throw my boxes away especially if the perfumes are expensive. They have a good purpose beyond storage. Keep your (legit) boxes!

  7. Wow….I'm surprised your video doesn't have more likes. I watched your video last night…well a couple of hours ago, lol and went over to Ebay to see if I can spot fakes and there are a LOT. This one seller had sold a LOT. With those janky "J"s and that off color white box with the bright white booklet. Thanks for sharing this so that people can be informed.

  8. Thank you for this extremely informative video!
    Solution: Just don’t buy Baccarat or anything form MFK off of ebay! Buy from the website or reputable department stores. It’s the cheapest and you get samples and gift box.

  9. There is a reputable seller on ebay who I have seen sell many – some have the barcode and some that do not. I really want to purchase it off this seller but now I do not know. They have 100% feedback and have sold many 200ml BR540

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I know for now on, I will spend the extra money so I don't have to worry if it's real or not. I was scammed and was never able to get my money back. I learned my lesson the hard way! Thank you! xo

  11. Did maison change the white nozzle mine is real but the white nozzle is like the one of the fake how is this possible does anyone have the new bottle to check and mine is genuine but am soo confused also the inside is no longer light grey mines is bit darker grey does this mean they done changes

  12. Hello. I heard that the batch code gives the year the perfume was created with the first two numbers (ie: 18002 was born in 2018). Is that true? If so, it seems that would be a great way to check if a perfume is fake, too. I bought one with a batch code of 28442 and I think, if what I said is true, this would be a fake perfume because the year 2028 hasn’t rolled around yet . . .

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