Welcome back the the weird life simulator that is Metro Sim Hustle. In today’s episode of Metro Sim Hustle I get to know some of the local residents a little better by doing quests, start producing jazz lettuce, fight more businessmen in the underground fight club scene and of course go back to the Casino with more hopes and dreams of spinning the massive wheel. Oh I also bought a bed, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Metro Sim Hustle, thanks for watching and liking.

Missed Episode 1? Click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7wAm8CrXJs

About Metro Sim Hustle:

Take the reins of a high-speed commuter train and see if you can keep up with the tight schedule. Your passengers are waiting for you, but watch out for speed traps and terrorists!

Earn some extra cash by completing sidequests for the locals, manufacturing and trafficking narcotics, having a scrap at the arena, or breaking into buildings. Hit one of the local entertainment venues after work that include a club, arcade, and casino.

Visit the local stores and choose from hundreds of items including food and beverages to consume, furniture to place in your home, and a variety of clothing to wear.

Use your earnings to move into a new home, then customize it with your choice of furniture and a splash of paint, or just lay low at the local hotel.

Use your smartphone to manage your real estate, order a pizza, and check your text messages. Don’t forget to set your alarm!

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  1. Welcome to my life! This lack of luck pretty much sums up the way my life has gone so far, 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ what can ya do though but laugh 😅 and keep on going!

  2. pls play citieskyline sim4 cat and dog im uur bigest fan!!!!!!!!!!!! fun fact if axoltl have yellow eyes cant see at day time and can at neight and more play full

    i have artisem and my brother my bortherys artisem is worse

  3. Never ever gamble if your aim is winning. You will not. Gamble for fun with money you are willing to lose. Playing blackjack or rulet with free drinks and food with your mates is actually really fun.

  4. Now after seeing drae play the game i thought it looked pretty fun so i downloaded it and i basically finished the game except for most quests it was quick if you grind on metro till you start making 400 bucks every job done and i watch drae fail the drugs in stuff and spend all his money on gambling all i have to say is i dare you to go to the sewers

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