In a new series I list 5 Fragrances from 5 different categories:
1. A STRAIGHT UP CLONE: This will be a Fragrance that is attempting to smell nearly exactly like the Fragrance in question.
2. ALTERNATIVE WITH A TWIST: A Fragrance that has a similar vibe but has a unique twist or difference.
3. NOTE SIBILNG: a fragrance that has the same primary or prominent note.
4. FURTHER ADVENTURE: A fragrance that could be seen as the potential ‘next step’ in your Fragrance journey on from the Fragrance in question
5. WILDCARD: a Fragrance you may or may not like if you enjoy the Fragrance talked about, this selection is something to take not of if you want to be more adventurous.

Today we will be talking about the unexpected hit Niche Fragrance: Baccarat Rouge 540.

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  1. Can I add a couple more clones to this list sadly one has been discontinued… I know loads say ariana grande cloud but to me it's a cheap candy floss I ve owned cloud and being honest I did get compliments but it only half resembles br540. Firstly I want to say red temptation by zara. It's good but now discontinued by zara which sucks because it was great… saying that I did a video on why zara annoyed me with their pricing on this range a while Ago. The one I would say has the same lasting power and smells the same as br540 is ghaaram by Swiss Arabian. It's not cheap on notino its £54 for a 50ml but the presentation is outstanding the juice is amazing and lasts as long if not longer then br540.
    As a mention theres also manege rouge by al haramain which is also very close however it is in the £80 area for 80 ml so not that bad bear in mind the bottle is nice but a big shaped bottle

  2. This is off-topic. I love Baccarat Rouge. I have both EDP and Extrait. But my fave from MFK is actually Aqua Vitae Forte. It just makes me happy when I smell it.

  3. The "problem" with Baccarat Rouge for me is the immense amount of ethyl maltol in it. Because once you smell ethyl maltol by itself, the charm of this fragrance quickly disappears. It just relies so heavily on it. However, I never really cared too much for Baccarat Rouge… It's too sweet for me, but the dry down is quite nice

  4. If you like this, you might like this ideas for Creed Aventus, Chanel Bleu de Chanel, Paco Rabanne Invictus, Armani Code, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb, Aqua di Gio Profumo. Hope you notice this George 🙂

  5. Enjoyed this one George well done. So many choices for this. A good one I tried recently was Electimuss Trajan like 540 with citrus opening. Plus its parfum concentration and retails at $210 for 100ml vs $300 for 70ml BR540 edp in the states(cheaper direct from MFK tho). Would like to try Liwa but still Kisses Rain ive got to get my nose on I've wanted to try it since I first saw ur beautiful review a long while back. Thanks George. Hope all is well.
    – Colin

  6. Can you do one on Clive Christian Rock Rose? Smelled it for the first time the other day. What a masterpiece. What a price tag.

  7. That Dua clone is just unreal. For the first 10min with Dua you get a sharp piercing smell, while in the real Baccarat Rouge 540, the opening is smooth…..there’s where the difference lies, after than first 10min you will really not be able to detect the difference. I have both and have tested them side by side

  8. Your videos are amazing and you deserve much more views and subscribers than some of the most popular fragrance reviewers out there. I share the same passion about fragrances and you have some solid recommendations. Greetings from Costa Rica!

  9. I really hated their Aoud Orange Intense (Dua)! And I sold it. It did nail it in the deep drydown but the opening was a choking experience for me.. OMG you inspired me to finally sample my Liwa sample! I love it!! That oud! Smells a bit like Oud For Greatness though..

  10. Hello Frangrance Apprentice. I really apprecite your content. Because of your content I picked up Armaf CDN Intense Homme and Milestone. Maybe one day I will get the real deal but at this point in my fragrance journey I cannot justify the Creed price tag.

    Do you have any experience with Tabarome millésime? I would love a review/If you like series. Is there a good aproximation out there? Or note siblings? Thank you!

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