1. I was in BBW and this chick said it smells like bug spray… Unfortunately, that completely threw me off of it. Maybe it was just the alcohol.

  2. I agree this is very similar. My stepdaughter came out of her room one morning and I freaked out. I thought that she got into my BR540. I asked her what perfume she was wearing and she said BBW. I was so relieved and surprised that BBW was able to make such a complex fragrance. Smells very very similar but not exact. Worth trying.

  3. I am a high school teacher and a few weeks ago I noticed that notorious smell (or what I thought was that smell) wafting from some of my students. I finally asked one what she was wearing and she took this bottle out of her bag to show me. I have to say I was very surprised and very happy! I love BR540 but there is something that always held me back from purchasing it…not the price…but something I couldn't put my finger on. You just said it in this video…it was too masculine and too overpowering for me. This one however, is really nice and I now have it in my collection and really enjoy it. I think if you layer it with the cream and top it off with the perfume, it would last a while.

  4. Your knowledge on perfumes actually is amazing! I dont see many youtubers do videos of designer perfumes, body sprays and drugstore perfumes at once! You are brilliant. And you are handsome

  5. I really love the smell of br540 so im going to give this a try just to splurge myself in it without restrictions/unli if it does smell similar to br540 which is so pricey 😅

  6. I have to smell in the stars again. I have only smelled it once last yr. I just blind bought AR cloud and it reminds me of it. So now I’m going to have to smell the body cream again. Maybe I’ll
    Like it this yr since I’m kinda liking the perfume.

  7. Had a friend gift me the body wash, spray and body lotion. I layered them and got nose fatigue. Way too cloying and long lasting on my skin. If I use just the body wash alone I’m able to enjoy.

  8. In the stars is my favorite spray and I heard someone talk about the BR540 and I’ve always been curious to try it and was planning on ordering a sample, I never knew in the stars was a dupe for it! Crazy how life works sometimes

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