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Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
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Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is

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  1. First to give thumbs up πŸ‘ and now to watch..
    Hopefully you are doing well Wilson.
    Cheers Famo59 πŸ‘πŸ»β›πŸ€“

  2. Another excellent video. I've been successful several times using that exact mirror system but your right though rare every once in a while you get two columns that line up exactly. But I still employ it a lot because it fails less than 80% of the time and I'm talking live casino play.

  3. Iv been using the Wilson method with 100 percent success so far. I'm choosing a different spot in the shoe each time to increase the variance as I think it would make it harder for the casino to match the pattern

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