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My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is

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  1. I have a similar system as I wait for 2 to match and use a 8 step Marty for baccarat and roulette red/black…I grind out $150 using $5 units and once I hit my goal of $150 I walk… I haven’t lost since May 12th this year.

  2. This looks great on the simulator. Don’t they all? I played this and only got burned once on a play money site I use as a simulator. I chalked that loss up to bad luck, because we all know, it’s still “gambling “.

  3. Great video Wilson and a super way to win at Baccarat.
    To all the people that don't like Martingale betting, just realise that with this system you would need 10 match ups to lose using a 6 step Marty and if that happened I would accept the loss knowing to myself the chance of this happening is very low and as Wilson said, "no risk,no reward".

  4. Does Martingale changes the ODDS of winning?
    No. It certainly does not.
    It ONLY gives you great PROBABILITY to win a FRACTION of your required bankroll. Success is ONLY measured AFTER you win your units MINUS the nearest BUST of your progression.
    However, you have CREATED a powerful option by using Martingale which is to HIT & RUN. The trick is to AVOID that Bust and keep those fractional units.
    Treating it as 'catch me if you can" is not going to win in the long run . Period.!

  5. i got it now this is a old system i think debbi figured this one out i got burnt at the angelofthewings casino i started betting after 4 matches just like you demonstrate i remember exactly it gave me 15 matches in a row i lost big because i was using martingale and the minimum bet at this casino was $15. i thaught that will never happen again well it did about 4 month later i was playing minimum bet was $25 16 matches in a row i lost even more then the first time. im in washington state minimum bets are $15 here in a few casinos most of them are $25 minimum. and online gambling is not permited . I do like your channel and videos but i just cant relate to $5 dollar bets that's not happening here.


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