This is a recording of a very Short Session on Baccarat “C” table, a Face Down Baccarat version on 15th February 2020.

In her very first round, on the table, the Dealer deals the Cards Face Up.

Mr Crazy politely reminds her that the table is “Face Down” Baccarat.

Instead of accepting her mistake the Dealer prefers to go on the Offensive.

In my Opinion, the Comments, Expressions, Body Language and attitude of the Game Presenter were not upto the Standards usually expected by Players, particularly while Playing Baccarat.

Viewers can make up their own mind, about the Dealer’s attitude, after viewing this short Video.

Mr Crazy, not being used to such behaviour from dealers, takes leave from the Dealer and gracefully exits the Table.



  1. She's obviously depressed. Recommend to mute her straight away unless her body language is nicer or you want to really talk to her which she most likely will try to get advantage from.

  2. I feel you could have dropped the argument. Her first response wasnt really rude, but you felt the need to keep hassling her over a petty issue that was immedietly resolved anyways.

    People in the service industry deal with 100's of people a day, and it sometimes can wear down on them.
    Put yourself in their shoes and understand that its nothing personal.
    Dont be that customer that feels the need to lecture them until you feel you came out as the better person.

    Just point out the mistake, let her have her opinion and move on.

  3. Loool. I do work in casino as well. Firstly, its a mistake, secondly, I would have pretty bad consequences after such an attitude towards the player if I would be in her place tho. She obvi is very rude.

  4. But what do you expect ? this whole company lies … lol … I gamble for more than 9 years …
    of course they will not accept a mistake
    one day I asked a host if she sometimes wears an earplug in her ear to have contact with live support or with helpdesk or with supervisors sitting in front of a screen … she denied it
    I asked her because I was just curious to hear her answer … because I know some hosts wear it
    if you lie already about something that small and 'innocent' … you can lie about so many more things… I start to get the idea that lying has been included to the Evo training program lool

  5. damn you need to grow the fuck up man. hasslin someone whilst they're at work. these dealers have to put up with rude and sexist customers all day. so if she was rude to you who cares. you're just a pathetic little man

  6. It's the end of the shift of course she is tired and being so pushing was more rude from the players side. She tried to be funny and professional at the same time but you overdid it..

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