Join us Daniel and Yuka, as we REVIEW the Damashiro Emperor Hisa 9-Piece Knife Block by Cuisine Pro / Baccarat. We even ask for a professional Review from our friend, a trained Japanese Chef – Neko Senpai!

We have another YouTube channel specialising in Japanese Cuisine – Yuhana Kitchen

The Damashiro Emperor Hisa 9-Piece Knife Block is equipped with 1 x 20cm Chef’s Knife, 1 x 20cm Bread Knife, 1 x 17cm Santoku Knife, 1 x 15cm Chef’s Knife, 1 x 14cm Santoku Knife, 1 x 12.5cm Santoku Knife, 1 x 12cm Utility Knife, and 1 x 9cm Paring Knife housed in a premium Knife Block!

• Baccarat Damashiro knives are crafted from the finest quality specialist hardened Japanese Steel for enduring performance and lasting durability
• Inspired by traditional Japanese craftsman and Samurai sword makers, these knives are characterised by distinctive damascus inspired patterns on the blade that are reminiscent of flowing water
• A wonderfully versatile and high-performance set that’s ideal for home cooks preparing everyday meals
• Designed with ergonomic pakka wood dark walnut handles that mould to the user’s hand and delays the onset of fatigue
• Engineered and tested to meet Rockwell 53 specification, guaranteeing the blades hardness and optimum performance
• Traditional hammered tsuchime pattern on the blade helps to release thin slices of food and reduce drag

If you are looking for stylish and practical knives we recommend this Damashiro Emperor Hisa 9-Piece Knife Block – by Cuisine Pro / Baccarat. They’re the best knives we have ever owned!

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Damashiro Emperor Hisa 9-Piece Knife Block – by Cuisine Pro / Baccarat

Damashiro Emperor Japanese Steel 4-Piece Steak Knife Set – Crafted from Japanese Steel

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  1. So satisfyingly sharp ✨ love the edits in this and the inclusion of the pro chef’s review and expertise, too. Im so excited for the new channel! Yay! 🙌🏽🌸

  2. Lol we watched this video an liked it and wrote out a full comment about how I love Japanese knives and in America they get their own special case in our kitchen stores. But I guess we never posted it. Lol I want some good quality knives but right now we do Amazon bargain bin lol.

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