Here’s my piece “Baccarat” from my album “Sancrosanct” featured in this cool trailer for Neon’s “Shirley”. Produced by Martin Scorsese, starring Elisabeth Moss.

You can watch the trailer here:

“Sacrosanct” is available on all major platforms for you to enjoy:

Official Website:

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  1. It gives me a feeling of a mad, insane teeter totter ride, with both sides manically trying to keep up with the other! It was fun, in a dark, thrilling kind of way! A great ride for sure Jo! My appreciation again, goes beyond the moon!

  2. Blood pumping, extraordinarily delicious! This piece would be ideal in the Illusionist or any intnse classical thrillers! Superb work! <333 Why is it so short ? :))

  3. This music is so impressive! It takes me back to 1800s during Victorian era and Sherlock Holmes! Don’t me ask why! Lol
    It is the feeling that I have it when listening to this masterpiece while I close my eyes!! 😉

  4. Hey jo! Please can you provide the extended version of this soundtrack? This is needs to be appreciated even more! I couldn't stop listening to this since last night!!!

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