After playing the roulette so many times, I discovered that the shine always ends on a sphere that’s on the opposite side of the board. It’s still a random landing, but that’s all the advice I can offer.

The 28th, 29th, and 30th Gilded Falcons are obtained in this video.




  1. oh sorry i dont read the comments cause half of the youtube population is semi brain dead and most of the time i will put your video on and just kinda surf the web so i only hear like half the stuff u say lol

  2. hehe i just noticed, in the beginning of the video when alundra jumps in the chimny theres no smoke comeing out, BUUUUUT the fireplace still has a roaring flame in it…poor alundra 🙁

  3. During the sped up section of the slime-busting, it sounded like the pacifier-sucking noise that Maggie from the Simpson's makes. Gotta listen carefully to hear it kinda.

  4. this game seems to expect too much from the player. luckally, i ain't the player. although it mostly looks good, but my god my remote would be flying out the window by the time i'd left that casino.


    I didn't really care, but I searched it to see how hard it would be, and there it was.

    Stop being lazy, it's not that hard.

  6. oh my god man i finally beat the roulette table 5 times because of your little tip….i was about to fucking murder someone……you rock(just got alundra off PSN network a few days ago haha..hyavent played it since i was 13 back in 97)

  7. I am currently playing the game on my PS2, and I actually just won the entire roulette for the third time in one hour!! 🙂 I only used the red, green, red, green, red combination, and it works! If I just get it one more time… I can finally move on with the game! 🙂

  8. YESS!! Now, just 15 minutes later, I won for the fifth time, just with luck. Nice, finally the gilded falcon! I just also wanted to fully complete the game, and with PS2 you can't save state of course. Thanks for the strategy, it was the same as mine earlier (I did this like 10 years ago also). Finally I can move on…

  9. The roulette actually do follow a system. When I beat the game last time I remember I wrote down the result of it after which colour you pick and something else I can't remember right now. But my trick worked 100%.

  10. @L0rdVega I'm actually with the guy. You might get more satisfaction from this game, but it has been sitting in my collection for 9+ years (since I was about 8-9) and I have never been arsed to complete it. Not just that, but it kinda seems like a poor replica of Zelda, much darker and more eerie though. To me it doesn't feel like the developers didn't try to make it lovable as much as a traumatic experience xD

  11. I'm gonna tell you this, I went to the captain's place afterwards only to find his stuff is FRIGGIN OVERPRICED! 10,000 gilder? Seriously?
    Also, when that girl talks about her rotten luck, I just wanna kiss her and take out for dinner 😉

  12. After the light turns on black try the combination red – blue – green – blue – red. won directly and got 1215 G. if it really works you'll be rich

  13. 3 things

    1) Hit Your Mark is easier if you stay in the middle.

    2) there IS actually a pattern to the Roulette. Several in fact. First thing, iis that it does 4 rotations past the black before landing on a light. Second is that from it's current position, it will land on a point anywhere between 6-10 points away from its starting position, which means that at any given time, you have 5 lights to choose from. Third is that there is always a preset pattern when you walk into the room.

    3) it's actually 5 wins, not 4 to get the Falcon

  14. I know I'm commenting on an ancient video, but the roulette has a strategy to it. It always lands 6-10 spaces ahead of where it started, and within that, usually falls on spaces 7-9. So you can (almost) always guess between two colors with a pretty good win rate. I won all 10 rounds of roulette within 4 trys. Good luck to anyone actually watching this video 10 years later.

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