Coming up with a new baccarat system is easy — follow this or that pattern, bet this or that much after a win or loss, have win goals, loss limits, discipline etc. Anyone can do it. And as you will see in this video, sometimes these systems do beat the house over a few shoes. Unfortunately, those cherry-picked shoes are just enough for the scammers to stake their claim to their fool’s gold. Don’t buy it!

In this video I cover 5 different “systems” (Flat Betting, Streaks, Martingale, D’Alembert, Paroli) and show that each of them is a loser. In each case, I play 1000 shoes using the system (80,000 hands) and track the results graphically. I test each system many times, showing the variety of results that can occur. But one outcome remains constant. The player loses at the expected rate.

There are winning systems. There are ways to beat baccarat that are mathematically sound. I cover them in other videos. Card counting side bets, edge sorting, known cards, and other methods have been used to make millions. But that’s not what you’ll find if you search Google or YouTube for ways to beat baccarat. You’ll have to scroll through pages and pages of scammers and liars until you find a method that is mathematically sound. So beware!

If you want to download any of the spreadsheets presented in this video (non-macro versions), just visit the download section of my website,


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