In this video, I am going to detail for you what it’s like being a high roller at the casino, what VIP status is like, how the casino determines whether or not you’re a high roller, and the perks associated with the lifestyle. Also, I am also going to be transparent in telling you why I gave it all up, and when I knew I was addicted to gambling and this lifestyle.

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  1. Hey Anton, My name is Draven and I just turned 21 on the 16th and already have been to the Casino 4 days in a row. I’ve done very well for the 4 days that I’ve gone (Up $600 with a $1000 bankroll). Do you think it’s possible or realistic to win just $100/day with my current bankroll?

  2. Mr. Anton is telling the sacred TRUTH; heed to his advice and save yourselves from damnation and disgrace. The casino can be addictive and brutally merciless. It has been the direct cause of some losing their very homes and worst of all, their sanity. One of the safest way to make $$$ is through an investment in MUTUAL FUNDS. Investing in mutual funds that have known longevity in the US is a very wise thing. Imagine investing as little as $5K in coca cola or a drug such as aspirin and the grandiose result after 15 years. Yes, Uncle Sam will want his share of taxes. However, you shall NOT have lost your $5k; you might be able to make as much as $100K, if you left your profits untouched. I honestly…sincerely feel sorry for those caught in that evil web of deception of casino life. In my estimation, the casino is the Devil's castle!

  3. Hello Anton my name is Lawrence Raibon. My dad before he past away in 2019. He had a gambling addiction and was going to the casinos in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am glad that you gave up gambling.

  4. If I can add to the great comments being made. I remember like it was yesterday, Me and my brother daily grinding the casino. Taking the bus to the casino because it was my only form of transportation. Missing the bus later that night to gamble my small $60 I may have came with and walking out of the casino with no money into a blizzard of snow. As me and my brother were exhausted falling down into the snow doing snow angels and looking to the sky knowing there's more to life then that place. Picked ourselves up and walked 3 miles home in the blizzard. I've lost and won 100000x since then and I always end up outside in the snow.

    Put the losses behind you and try to see the better future for yourself and your family.

  5. As a former pro poker player and blackjack degen I can tell you are a genuine ex degen. Congrats on getting it out of your system. I always played blackjack feeling stuck and it never turned out good. No matter how much you win you keep remembering you're still stuck 100k lifetime in this game.

  6. I'm good friends with somebody that lived exactly that lifestyle for a short time I got to go to NFL games on the casino in their box seat stayed in different hotels for free, free food, all the things that you talk about here because of his action in the casinos. It can be a dangerous lifestyle if you really don't have control over everything in your life if you get wrapped up in that and you lose perspective on everything else in your life it's a dangerous game.

  7. Listen to my friend alleby, , I have not much to loose, brought 1 k to casino,only lose 1 k, but winning has no limit, if u strike jackpot or lucky timing. After all u won't be rich as a monthly wage worker, dude ! . Play what u can afford, don't borrow, don't mortgage, don't steal.

  8. I personally witnessed this in the 80s with my uncle. He was one of the top gamblers on the west coast in the 80s. He would often go to Vegas and when I would go with him Ceaser's Palace was the place to be and they took VERY good care of him and his guess. We saw the Hagler-Hearns fight all on Ceasers but as the gentleman stated you have to spend a vast amount of money to gain such status. It's like a pacifier or bait how ever your view.

  9. People don’t realize they gamble with starting a business they gamble leaving a job they gamble getting married they gamble having kids on a minimum wage job. Everybody gambles one way or another in life. At least you get paid right away betting.

    All in for rest of my life. Great video tho

  10. How long have you been gambling professionally ? If you could really make a lot of money from gambling, why you stop doing it ? What is the minimum amount of money we need to bring when we want to play in any casinos in US ?

  11. I went to harrahs casino in San Diego. I spent $150. Then I started to get notices in the mail for free room and buffet. I decided to take my son who had turned 21 to the casino to celebrate his birthday.
    My car got stolen 3 hours after we got there. The car was found 15 hours after I reported it missing.

  12. I loved your video! I couldn't agree with you more about how casinos destroy lives when they come to cities. There's a lot of lonely people in this world and the excitement of gambling fills the void.

  13. You didn’t quit a winner , you got out of hand and they took it all from you , now you are there visiting your money , probably had markers there too

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