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  1. Stats:
    Hands played (+/-3)- 63
    Sarah- 8
    House- 23 (!)
    Sarah- 21
    House- 11
    Tie- 16
    Dragon bonus – 154
    Tie- 2
    Sarah sings/ cheer leads- 25
    Sarah said Sour- 0 (!?)

  2. Playing my guitar – learning jessie j (Taylor Swift) cover – knew you were trouble ….. Slotlady ….. shakes head ….. oh well – can't win em all – maybe next time x.

  3. Cheer up Sarah u will get them next time! Besides u have a pretty face to fall back on. Lol there’s a video indicating how much u probably make with your social media so it’s great that u r having fun and earning a living at the same time. It surely beats working in a lab. Lol I promise u way overdue for a jackpot let me think since I was 22 so about 23 years and when I hit I will donate 10 percent to u so u can bet on the player table max for 10 bets!!! Have a good and lucky weekend and I’m preparing myself for tomorrow night for a revenge

  4. Not a great session for you Sarah! I was hoping for a major comeback. Not to be. Time to recharge your batteries!! 😯🙂😎☝️🤟

  5. Why do you tip the dealer?
    We don't do that in my country. It's actually not allowed. The dealer cannot accept tips whatsoever.

    Aren't the dealers on good wages where you are ? They're not waiters/waitresses who are going out of their way to service you…which is how I always thought it operated in the US?

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