Hey y’all! I’ll be playing Baccarat live tomorrow at Green Valley Ranch at 11 AM (Pacific Time)! I hope y’all can tune in! 🙂

with love and gratitude,
zaida lee

Disclaimer: Please remember that my videos are meant for entertainment purposes ONLY. Always gamble responsibly, and never play more than you can afford to lose. If you live in the United States and believe you or someone you know may have a gambling addiction, please call or text the National Council on Problem Gambling’s confidential national hotline at 1-800-522-4700. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional resources can be found on ncpgambling.org. If you are outside the United States and believe you or someone you know may have a gambling addiction, please contact your local problem gambling center.

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  1. So glad I finally caught a livestream. Thank you for playing! You’re the next slotlady. Gonna miss her. I try everybody with this my first livestream. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  2. Awesome video! Just started playing baccarat recently and I love it. Best of luck out there as well as this channel! Happy I found you early can’t wait to see how far you go!

  3. Love your videos! I just would assume that it’s best to not start the live until you are ready to actually play, because we sat there waiting for 10 minutes for them to shuffle. I don’t know if you were trying to make the live a certain length of time, in my opinion, I think if you scheduled to reserve the table, the Casino I should’ve already had the card shuffled for you ha ha

  4. Missed the live stream but just watched the vid. Too bad you lost, but it happens! Everyone seems to have some magic strategy that will help you win, but as far as I’m concerned it is a total coin toss. It’s gambling after all. Play the way you want to! Side bets are fun and you love them. It’s all about having a good time at the end of the day – walking out with a win is just a bonus in my opinion! Keep up the great content missy, so hyped for you to reach 5k subs shortly! 👍🏻💕

  5. Those side bets takes forever the easy one is tie it never that hard to hit. Sucks they don’t have no pairs bonus on either player or banker. I love pairs oh yeah this is a no commission table they don’t charge you 5% on banker.

  6. I love side bets but GOOD GOD you cannot win by playing that many side bets. Even if you win a big one, you'll keep thinking they'll hit so you'll eventually give it all back and end up with a loss. At some points, you were only winning $5 or $10 on the main bets when you should be winning $30+….but it's your channel/video so I am just putting my two cents out there because I want you to win. Thanks for the content though, love table game videos!

  7. Hey girl! I’m Ananias Jones from Regina, SK, Canada . I like the way you gamble, you gamble without fear and even though lose you just say it is ok, that is the way every body who like to gamble should do. Take the risk of your money and that is it. If you don’t want to take risk , don’t gamble. Good luck girl.

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  9. i found you accidently through slotlady i recently play baccarat daily for a gain in and out i enjoy your videos keep them going! but yes not as many side bets i feel like they add up over your profit in the main bet but awesome videos truly!

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