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  1. I am aware that there were some mistakes made by the dealer during this stream. Any mistakes are always made good on by the casino after the stream. Dealers are only human and are capable of making mistakes just like anyone else!

  2. Start of 16:47. Go back to casino and see if they can review the hand. Player had a three card 0, you won.
    Also, the final band was a dragon. You won the bonus of 40-1. It was a three card 7. You need to go back. It's the side bet you made above banker to the right with the 7 symbol

  3. I don't understand why someone wouldn't just take the Banker all the time with no sidebets, though, they would still be giving up 1.2 or so percent to the house, this difference could be made up via free drinks/food and casino credits/ perks. Of course, slot lady couldn't do it, because it would be too boring to watch, but the general public could….also…flipping between Banker and Player is kinda silly, but I guess it adds to the content as some people think that it makes a difference.

  4. The second last game player gets 0 and you won but they did not pay u but eat u. Player gets A & 3, and got a 6 for the third card. Check it out

  5. Sarah. Please let us know when they reimburse you for the $505 you should have won so people won’t get the wrong impression of the casino. Those mistakes are brutal for the casino’s reputation.

  6. Commission-free Baccarat? more like win-free Baccarat… or rather at the end: non-mistake-prone-dealer-free baccarat… starting to recognize your table dealers by their hands. some are really good. stay clear of this one in the future….

  7. This was the most horrible and depressing stream till now……where even the dealer was sleepy……mistakes at such a big casino…..that too at a "private table" is horrific

    Suddenly el cortez doesn't look like the place to visit when you go to vegas because of this debacle😅

    I have seen you recover and comeback from even 200-300 to 1500
    And this 300-350 dollars which were not given to you due to wrong count affects a lot

  8. Hey Sarah!
    It’s really fun watching you play,
    But I would really appreciate you playing commission baccarat,
    non-commissioned has the worst baccarat game to play
    We would really enjoy you playing at the “D” or orleans casino but it’s your choice.
    Keep up the good work 😊

  9. 你一开始的注码分配是正常的,后来输了几手以后着急了,乱了阵脚,所以失误,上头了。总的来说没问题,虽然这次输了,我相信你下次可以赢回来的。还有,最后倒数第二个牌局工作人员犯错了,你本来是赢的,却叛你输了,真不敢相信赌场也会犯错。加油吧!

  10. VERY IMPORTANT: At 16:15, you missed to tell dealer, took your winning side bet 3 card 7 win bonus pays 40:1. Although, you bet Player side, Banker won by 7 on 3 cards. You have a bet of $5 to pay $200. Shame on the dealer grab your bet and not made a correction.

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