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  1. I justed backed up to watch replay.Wow thats a huge bankroll of $8000 Sarah! Go hard or go home i guess! Baccarats not really my game , but you seem to enjoy playing it. It was an up and down session for you.Impressive hit at the end to come away with most of your bankroll Sarah!😯😃🙂😎✌👌

  2. Nice comeback!!! I loved you won that last bet at $1,000.00 & no commission. It’s really enjoyable when you play for high stakes and WIN. 👍😊❤️

  3. If I bought in for 8 grand playing at least $100 minimum id play at Caesar's Palace and take advantage of all the free perks besides the drinks! Lol I got 2 packs of cigarettes comped and 2 free nights for only playing an average $200 per hand! The El Cortez… Ehh… Nicer than it used to be and they don't have as much perks to offer but to each their own! Lol

  4. You have to model your hands.. spectacular fingers and nails.. so beautiful and sexy also.. with that seductive mask and those big eyes! I hope your not blushing now.. Lol! Just enjoy watching your videos… 🙂

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