EGT Live Table Roulette & EGT Live Table Baccarat are the new additions to the wide portfolio of EGT Multiplayer.

The new Live Tables has been designed to be compatible with both land based casinos and Live studio projects. Numerous gaming stations could be connected to a single Live Table for a thrilling experience.

Some of the general features are: ergonomically body, custom LED illumination, 10” Control panel, Full HD live-stream camera, customizable cloth layouts, attractive signage.

Roulette – The Roulette Wheel is “ABBIATI” (Optional Cammegh or TCSJOHNHUXLEY)
Baccarat – Bee-Tek Electronic Shoe by Fournier

The Live tables are perfect for Stadium/Theatre/Arena setups on the casino floor. Different mixes of terminals, roulette configurations, and slot machines can be arranged and linked to them. Automated Roulette Center can be added to the configurations for even more exciting entertainment for the players. To complete the configuration we suggest our high-quality LED Walls.

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