In this video we are playing slots at Ho-Chunk Casino in Madison. We tried some new machines we have never played before, and continued the hunt for a jackpot handpay!

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  1. This Karate KId video game is a big time rip off….do you notice it pays nothing even with 4 lines of a character?… absolutely cannot win playing this game!

  2. New subscriber here!! Been binge watching some videos within the last couple weeks as I am going to Vegas soon. Then BOOM…you end up down the street from my house! Had no idea you were from Wisconsin! How Awesome!! Going to Vegas Aug 15th!!

  3. Where in wisco do you live?! I found your Vegas videos prior to going to Vegas & saw all your Wisco shirts and didnโ€™t realize you are from this area! I live in Johnson creek not far from Madison! So cool to finally find an amazing YouTube from Wisconsin!

  4. Greetings from England, love your channel. That Karate Kid game was in an algorithm that wouldnโ€™t give you a bonus at max bet. If youโ€™re just curious what the bonus looks like, Iโ€™ve found if you drop your bet right down youโ€™ll get a bonus all be it at a lower pay out, but then satisfies your curiosity ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Hi Ruby, I know it a bit of time off, we need the US to open up to us (live on the Isle of Man). Just wondering if you have done a vlog on the Venetian. We are coming over in March 22 and have a queen suite and a king suite booked? Thanks

  6. Where was the big reveal ? You did not say how you ended up — more then the 500 or what was left. I usually enjoy the videos but this one is not up to your standards — sorta like click bait

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