Perfume Fragrance Review MFK Baccarat Rouge 540
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  1. It's inoffensive to those who like it.
    To me it's absolutely disgusting. It smells like iodine going into something sickly sweet rotten. Like rotting wounds, meat.

  2. Ok I just got the small bottle cos I wanted to try glairât. Well..: I can never go back to another fragrance.
    This thing has me totally addicted. I’d merry myself if I could lol
    Ultimate winner… I don’t think any other perfume can bat this.

  3. I go between Baccarat Rouge 540 and Mon Guerlain depending on my mood.
    BR’s scent is kind of out of this world. I absolutely adore it how not overwhelming it is yet it is definitely there. Get tons of compliments. ❤️

  4. Sadly, this didn't work for me. It dried down so masculine. I smelled like a man that covered up his cologne with a Body Fantasies orange body spray. Sadly, I couldn't return because there's no Neiman Marcus in my state. Gave it to my dad, he likes it. Smells great, just didn't work for me.

  5. So the word on the street is Ariana grande has made a dupe for this. I would love to know your view on that. If so my giggles are worth it. 😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  6. Well this review was pointless.. i would have mentioned fragrances it is similar to for those too lazy to go on fragrantica. if it reminds you of anything (cough cough Ariana Grande – cloud) . What notes stand out and that sort of thing.

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