Hey guys! In today’s requested video I will compare Maison Francis Kurkdjian baccarat rouge 540 parfum to the Extrait Parfum. Which one should you choose?

Baccarat Rouge 540 EXTRAIT

The Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait de parfum augments the strength and radiance of the fragrance’s amber woody floral aura. In this exalted version of a signature scent, jasmine blossoms and woody musks engage in an alchemy of the senses. A profusion and fusion of the elements that can only be tamed by the art of the perfumer and time-tested wisdom. Made in France.


Grandiflorum jasmine from Egypt


Bitter almond from Morocco

Cedar wood

Musky woody accord


Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP

Jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, ambergris

Luminous and sophisticated, Baccarat Rouge 540 lays on the skin like an amber, floral and woody breeze. A poetic alchemy. A graphic and highly condensed signature.


Recognized as one of the world’s most celebrated perfumers, Francis Kurkdjian imagined a fragrance territory of a free, sensual and delicate perfectionism. The perfumery is guided by purity, sophistication, timelessness and the boldness of a classicism reinvented. They are continually writing a number of sensory adventures, in which perfume is, naturally, the hero.
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My favorites/ recommdations are Andromeda, Tabit, Delox, Spirito Fiorentino, Afrodite, Mirach, Orza, Orion and Kirke.
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  1. 😆 You keep calling BR540 “infamous.” That means it has an extremely bad reputation. 😂🤣I think you mean the opposite.
    Good video! I prefer the extraite but have both. Less burned sugar smell and more cotton candy.

  2. Just ordered a sample of each from the MFK site for $17 (plus two others!) thanks for this video! I currently have the body oil from neiman but I’m curious to see what the parfum scents smell like!

  3. A week ago I ordered the 4 samples set from francis kurkjidan website received my box yesterday. Love them both also gentle fluidity gold as well and place a order that night I'm in love with Baccarat rouge 540. It's cheaper to order from France and when you order a sample set €14.00 you get back a credit for €14.00 for your next purchase on the website.. If you're like me don't have any stores nearby that sells baccarat rouge maybe check it out.. Always enjoy your videos 🙏🙏

  4. I have owed two real baccarat rouge 540 bottles
    My issue was I went through them so fast 💨
    Now I have dupes for everyday and the real thing I save for special occasions! 💕

  5. Most people don’t know that it is cheaper to buy it directly from the MFK website. They ship it free, and you get samples :).
    If you want to test it out, get a sample (3 samples of your choice 2ml, with 2 extra samples for about $15 shipping included on MFK website).
    When you purchase the samples, they give you a coupon of same value off a full sized bottle of any MFK 🙂

  6. Your so right about saving up and getting the real juice instead of purchasing dupes… I ordered a bunch of niche samples today and even though they’re the real deal, I dropped close to $200.00 in samples/customs/taxes/shipping and that’s a bottle right there. Sometimes you gotta test but I’m totally with you on not buying dupes because at the end of the day they’re not the real thing and the cash disappears! Great review! 💞

  7. I totally agree with you, I’ve smelled a lot of dupes. Pretty great dupes but nothing smells exactly like the original. The original smells more luxurious if that makes sense. Definitely about to order the extrait after watching this ❤️

  8. I honestly don't understand the hype around Baccarat rouge I ordered a sample it smells like a damp dusty brick wall that has moss on it . With a hint of sweetness ! I asked my husband to smell it and his reaction was Ewww ! Hahaha .

  9. I’m so frustrated because I am one of the few people that can’t really smell BR540! I tried the extrait and I can smell it a little bit more but not enough to buy a full bottle. It’s so strange because I can smell other fragrances just fine😖!

  10. Great video!! Wish I would've stumbled on your channel before buying that awful Instant Crush!! But I have both in MFKs in the collection now. The amount of attention you get with those 2 frags well worth the price tag!!!

  11. I don’t see anything wrong with purchasing a dupe as long as you’re only buying one. Like you said, it’s when people are purchasing 4-5 dupes. Just get the original! By that time you could’ve had the bottle.

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