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  1. When I smelt this on my manager I was like bro what is this called and he told me. I’m telling you this perfume left a trail around the whole store I would legit stand their and smell the air 🤣🤣.

  2. I tried a sample of this today and was sooo surprised. It smells like my dad in the late 90s/early 2000s. I was taken aback bc it was so similar and nostalgic, though baccarat rouge is lighter/airer. I immediately thought of his office, his leather chair, him unbottoning the cuff buttons on his dress shirt and cologne he wore while working. I was even more surprised when I double checked the release year of this perfume! I don't think I'll get a full bottle because I don't want to smell like my dad, but I'm glad I have the sample, it's so comforting. I finally get what people mean when they something smells like a memory.

  3. I just received Crystal gold limited edition from ALT fragrance. If you love baccarat Rouge 540 do your self a favor and thank me later. Go order Crystal limited edition.

  4. In the Stars from Bath and Body Works is a very affordable dupe for this perfume 🙂 I own BR540 but my mother constantly wears BBW In The Stars and they smell VERY similar

  5. Can u please speak on Ariana grande cloud? I received a small sample of it for Christmas not knowing it was the most popular dupe for 540 and every time I’m out (especially at Nordstrom’s where I used to work) people stop me and ask if I’m wearing 540. Do you think it’s a dupe? And if yes do you think there should be some controversy around it?

  6. @Tiff Benson I can not lie it is very hard to watch your videos simply because you are so damn beautiful and your eyes are amazing. But I am looking for this in a smaller bottle maybe 10ml but can’t find it if you ever see this comment please can you suggest where to start other than luckyscents.

  7. I wore Cloud by Ariana Grande. After I finished the bottle I heard it's a almost dupe of Baccarat Rouge 540. So I googled it and this is the moment when I got hyped up about the hype. Now I'm curious. It's on my blind buy list.  
    x best wishes from Zurich, Switzerland.

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