Brand NEW Baccarat Strategy Called “COPYCAT” Now Available!
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The MAJORITY 6 Baccarat Strategy focuses on columns (on the bead road) NOT being evenly distributed between Player & Banker.

My personal triggers for the Majority 6 are:
– Two in a rows
– 3-2 advantage

Remember NOT to record TIES!

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  1. Thank you for your viewership of my channel, and your marvelous video here on the Majority 6 system. I just want to let you know that the video I put out on the Majority 6 system was to introduce the system to the world. My intentions were to post a more advanced Majority 6 betting video that would explain deeper nuances of the system once I saw that I had audience for my channel. What you call different "triggers" are actually acceptable for the Majority 6 system. A person using my system does not have to jump in with the majority at the exact times that I suggested in the video. It was just easier to explain the system for the first time to a broad audience by having set moments to bet.

  2. Thanks for bringing us new strategies. I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of this method. Your other strategies are much better! Let’s keep looking at the derived roads strategies! Good work as always my friend!

  3. Please consider me another NEW customer. I have subscribed and clicked on the like button.

    I will go over the last nine plans you have on your site and am looking forward to continuing my education as far as Baccarat is concerned.

    Much like your other subscribers I have to congratulate your efforts and appreciate the hard work involved in trying to help dummies like some of us are as we gain the experience and ideas you provide.

    Keep up the good work please …


  4. I have a question on your bettings levels and unit size. I use $25 unit size which is level 3 so am I aiming for 3 units of $25 or is just 3 units at $5 which is level 1 bet?

  5. This is a legit strategy, base on my experience you rather have a shoe with winning streaks more than 3, the downside of this strategy is a even column with 3 banker and 3 player and also a shoe with a 2-1-2 pattern.

  6. watching from the philippines. study. study. using dragon ace. thanks for sharing your knowldge in baccarat. well.explained. well said. now i will test this strategy for dragon ace. my betting is 1.2.1. or 3.4.5.

  7. New to your channel. Excellent breakdowns and easy to follow. Looking forward to seeing the next strategy. Unfortunately, CM will steal this strategy and sell it to suckers out there…thanks for being a professional in this group.

  8. Hi Rafael ❤️ from India.
    Thanks 🙏 for all the systems ,Bet spreads.

    With any system or Betspread –
    Let’s say we are at level 3 last bet.
    Next step is to Double up 🆙
    Which system or pattern you trust the most in this scenario…💡

  9. Hey Rafael, I love all of your videos and trying really hard to earn some side income for vacations. I live in Vegas so there are plenty of casinos to choose from. I have been working from the very beginning of your videos to absorb it all. Your systems are great if I could just figure out why I keep losing on paper. I'm getting frustrated. I have tons of info from roulette and baccarat sessions. I use at random and in no mirror I keep getting mirrors forming. I play the X marks the spot, I call it XMS, and I get X's forming galore and wipes out all the profit constantly. I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. You make it look so easy. I want to play for real money but I'm chicken with all the bad results I'm getting on paper. please give me some advice.

  10. I have another comment about playing ties. Several years ago I made lots of money doing it till I had one disaster session. No tie for 42 plays, ouch.
    I laughed so much watching your video about ties and they just kept coming out even when you kept saying don't do this. Recently I developed another way to play them that is much safer than the semi martingale I used in the past. I know they are very unpredictable, and they have a high rate for the casino, but I just can't stop messing with them. One of these days I would like to see what you think of my tie strategy.

  11. Thanks for this, I'm starting to learn more about baccarat. I played for the first time and won 240 units in one sitting. But have since then lost half. I need to find a system lol

  12. Thanks again for this video. Sir I have a question, 2 Banker in a row and I have to bet for banker, but when you read the Bead Road, Big road and your other strategies it's obvious that Player will come out, Can I still bet the banker or I skip? Thanks

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