By far, the two biggest questions I get asked are; What strategy do you recommend? and Can I make a living from casino gambling?

To try and answer these questions I have spent my time working on a Baccarat strategy that could be used continually to ultimately fund a career. In this video I will be looking at the personal factors required, setting your objectives and taking a first look at the first Casino Game Strategy Reviews Baccarat strategy.

I do recommend you watch the video in its entirety as all aspects are important and we will be looking in depth at the strategy.


This channel is dedicated to addressing the thousands of Casino game strategies and systems you will find on YouTube and the internet and providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision as to using them or not.

The strategies we will look at will predominantly be around the Casino games of Roulette and Baccarat but will also include other Casino games.

The aim here is not to promote gambling as a way of life, but to ensure that if you do play Casino games, you play them with the knowledge needed and play for entertainment only.

Please remember though, gambling can have a significant impact on your financial position as well as affecting your family and friends.

🔴 Don’t think of gambling as a way of making money.
🔴 Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
🔴 Take frequent breaks.

Ultimately, the Casino has a mathematical advantage so you will LOSE in the long term.

If gambling is affecting you then please speak to your family or a professional organisation such as ‘BeGambleAware’. A link to their website can be found below.

Have fun and play sensibly…

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PlayTech Live Dealer Baccarat

🔴 Live Croupier
🔴 100 Shoes
🔴 3,745 Hands
🔴 8-Deck Clear Plastic Manual Shoe
🔴 5% Commission on Banker

Play is modelled in Microsoft Excel with a 100 Unit bankroll.
(1.00 = 1 Unit)

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Baccarat Strategy
بکرات حکمت عملی
Estratégia de Bacará
Стратегия баккара
Stratégie de Baccarat
Estrategia de Baccarat
बकारट रणनीति



  1. The Profitable Shoe for the name. And good luck with the strategy. I think it sounds great but maybe won't work quite as good as expected, and I can see you dropping the amount of days usage, and if that's the case maybe look into roulette too and switch between the two hit and run works best for me. I tried playing roulette using my gameplay for over 4 years small stakes mainly testing and now able to turn profit, I play up to 4 days per week on up to 3 casinos. I look to make minimum £27 maximum £40.50 per day.

  2. I have tried many of your strategies and honestly so far i still think permutation 33 is still the best out there with right money management. Thumbs up if ya'll agree. I'd recommend negative progression with levels, or so called bet spreads by Mister Rafael.

  3. there are several online casinos that do not allow a strategy like "Martingale" and threaten with account lockout. is it legal for casinos to do this? implies that anyone who lives in the online game is banned

  4. Great Video and True Comments. You MUST have "Discipline"
    I play my favourite Last 5 Underdog… (if you remember my suggestion and you did a video)
    But at times I lose control and Greed sets in and I've lost my bankroll….
    Hope your followers learn from my mistake… lol

    Keep Up your good work Mate

  5. Awesome channel Sir. I'm a bit confused on your stop loss. You said your stop loss is 10 units but then your chart shows a maximum loss of around 4 units. Could you explain the difference? TY

  6. keep them coming ….. I've just been chucked out of CM inner circle for no reason …… this is much much better… ….. professional content and presentation !!!!

  7. Well your stock is certainly rising now that I know you are a Jack Daniels Man!!

    I typically drink Jack Daniels and Ginger ale, so I will offer the name "Jack & Ginger" for the strategy.
    Jack representing the primary strategy and Ginger representing the counter strategy when the straight whiskey is too strong!

    Great content, All the Best!

  8. My strategy
    Bet 1unit & win = 1+1
    Bet 1+1 & win = 1+1+2
    Bet 1+1+2 & win = 1+1+2+4
    Thats a plus +7
    Always bet 1unit of your own at a time if you loose a bet. Look for a 3 streak at a time and thats it.

    But first learn everything about baccarat.


  9. Our Master Guru of Baccarat Andrei Bucharest from Romania has a very powerful & formidable Baccarat winning strategy that's a 'Masterpiece'! He said he'll destroy all Casinos very soon & he fears being barred 🚫 from all the Casinos in the World 🌎! True or false? TQ

  10. So far, the only strategy I've seen that works consistently is found in a book called Baccarat Prosperity found on Amazon. I'm always interested to find any anything that could be even better. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  11. If primary bet selection loses twice then switch to secondary system.If first secondary loses first bet then what?Primary bet selection 7 secondary bet selection 3 bet 4 on primary if haven't lost twice.

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