1. Martingale system can work in Baccarat but you have to make some adjustments.

    A five level betting progression can give you a maximum 97% chance of winning. This is not too bad, but note that you are bound to loose 1 of every 32 hands. So you cant stay on the table too long.

    Normally your betting progression goes from 1, 2, 4, 8 to 16. unfortunately
    Your demonstration gives you a total earning of $7.30.
    I will use 1,3, 7, 15, 31 and will earn $20 playing the same hands.

    Try it for your self!

  2. Only if your a billionaire and you can afford to lose this money, then don't bother because you will lose your money. If I flip a coin how are you gonna know which side it lands on. Answer: You don't, so don't bother.

  3. What if the people saying this system doesn't work are really people who use the system and just don't want anyone else to use it? Think about it. If everyone knew about it, they wouldn't be able to make as much money because everyone would be doing it. Try it for yourself and then decide. I gain nothing by telling you about it. I'm not selling you anything. And it works for me, I use it. Just sayin…

  4. there is no card counting here lucas. you keep track of what is played to determine your next bet. you're not trying to figure out what cards are left in the deck.

  5. this is what i mean. why would you trust this guy? he is going to sell you something when you contact him. he is selling information for his gain. i'm not selling anything. who would you trust?

  6. every now and then you may hit the 10 or more streak. this system is 100%. no system is. that's why you don't stay at a table for very long. in the long run, you will come out ahead.

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    No good thing renders its possessor happy, unless his mind is reconciled to the possibility of loss; nothing, however, is lost with less discomfort than that which, when lost, cannot be missed.

  9. the only way you can do a martingale is to start at a low limit table and if you hit the limit on that table move to a higher limit table until you hit the limit there and then go to a higher limit table. But then you'll be betting over $40000 just to win $5 if you hit a losing streak of 14. But then you need a bankroll of over $80000. You may be one of the lucky ones who hasn't lost yet. Most end up losers and can't understand. It's all statistics. Everyone will eventually lose. A small percentage lost their first hands and gave up. A small percentage keeps playing and losing. A small percentage has kept winning. When they'll lose?, who knows, they may die first. But statistically, that's a very small percentage. Most are losing the in the long run they've played because the percentage lost is consistent. In gambling, all possible outcomes are possible. I suppose statistically it's possible for Banker to win 1 billion times in a row. As long as statistically it's not zero, it's still possible. We just don't know when it will occur.

  10. hear this from an learned elder: Martingale makes the person loses big whn a 9 streak on B or P comes, and it's gonna happen, sometimes may come right at u sit down, and instant -$300 gone somtimes

  11. There are a lot of stupid statements in this video. Absolute nonsense like "the odds move to 25 %". This is utter drivel. You simply have no idea how probability works. Nice scam bro…

  12. Saying that one can win at a Baccarat table "in the long run", is saying that one can make a bunch of negative numbers add up to a positive sum.  Scientifically and mathematically, that's bullshit.

  13. It's simply flawed math.  "A bit" less than 31 times out of 32 (that "bit" is the house edge of the game), you win $1.  "A bit" more than 1 time out of 32, you lose $31, which is everything you've won during those 31 times (and a bit).  So in the end, you still lose due to the house edge.  No betting system ever works.  Look up "E(X+Y) = E(X) + E(Y)".

  14. This is not a bad way to play if losing $31 is not a big deal to you.  But you will surely lose money in the long run, due to the house edge, in the same way as if you flat bet.

  15. I tried this at Rivers Casino in Illinois, this past weekend.  I found a table with a choppy shoe, where it would hit P,B,P,B…. and won quite a bit.  It didn't hurt that I also hit the dragon bonus (30 to 1) on my second bet as well, LOL!  Anyway, the problem comes in when the shoe starts streaking.   The Martingale scares the heck out of me.   I'm kinda leery of doubling up, especially when the table minimums were $10.   I just played without trying to recoup the lost, and left while I was still up.  But in hindsight, this method of doubling up 5 times would have worked, because the streaks never went beyond 4 in a row!   

  16. hey thanx bro im gonna try this out on a couple of freeplays games before i use real money but to all the trolls on here this guy isnt getting paid for this so to insult him and bash him is just plain stupid the guy simply took time out his day to hopefully put you on to making a little extra money on the side playing bakarat thats it that all lol no need for insults if u think its bs move along 

  17. Another crazy guy losing money with some bullshit… My "best" strategy for idiots, is to point the gun to the damn dealer and say "give me the money bitch!" This strategy is much more better then martingale, at least you got a chance to win if you wear a mask.

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