1. Really like this content as for Mr Rafeal well he's real and very informative on pattern play. I feel a 1-3-2-4 betting progression increasing your bet as you win and going back to one unit when losing would work well here.

  2. Hey casino Amigo, love you videos, thought I try out your me system, played 3 shues in total with having breaks in between, have won 44 units.
    Did watch hands when i had a break and it did not lose, most lose I got to was 4 hands and won on the 5th.
    Thanks again

  3. Hey amigo…. those terrible two's are really something eh? Why bet against the terrible two's? Design your system so that they payoff! A smidgen of martingale without going overboard…. you'll catch a bunch of wins!

  4. Hey guys, thought I'd let you in how I've been going after winning 44 units in 3 shues yesterday thought I'll go on and give it another shot this morning, just lost all profits and more from yesterday getting biten by the 3 1 3….

  5. Another update guys, had a bit of a break and went back on, won several hands before hitting the 3-1-3 again. This time it actually went thru…9-1-3-1-3-2

  6. Another update guys, won't be playing this system anymore…. won 3 hands before the 3-1-3-1-3 busted me again. I stopped after 6 losses but the run kept going.
    Hope you all are having better luck than me.

  7. I have been texting your XXO system. I think you are really onto something there. You take that system use it and combine it with martingale and you’ve got a winner. I have been using it not in the casino but when I get back from the casino next week I will let you know what I want to have done.

  8. To me, Baccarat is a mindless, dull game. The only decision is to bet on the bank, the player, or a tie. The way the cards are dealt is all automatic. You might just as well bet on each hand in a game of war.

  9. I saw on another site that when you have 3 in a row of the same, most of the time the next one will be opposite. Maybe play that way when you see the first 3-1 and don't Martingale when you see one to see where the shoe is going. I am a newbie, but it makes sense if that is the weakness of this system. Otherwise I really like what I saw here. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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