1. Oh I hate that chemical smell in the base of Mancera perfumes, I sold my instant crush decant immediately, and I love 540, that chemical base also is frequently used in PDM perfumes unfortunately. I wish I knew that base ingredient’s name, so that I could avoid it. Thank you for the review 👍❤️

  2. Hi guys, I love your videos! You should do a comparison BR540 vs Tinhare by Le Couvent des Minimes when you get the chance. I think it's the best dupe of Baccarat.

  3. Which one is more masquline of the 2? Thinking about pulling the trigger. Although if I choose 540 I'll defenently get a clone from Alexadria or Dua, aint paying that kind of money on no fragrance ever x) The mancera price is 100 euros here, I can live with that.

  4. They should have called it "Instantly Crushing Your Head". God, it's overwhelming, to the point of almost making me physically ill. And, I agree that it bares little resemblance to BR540. I don't get that from IC at all.

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