1. This scent was a huge disappointment for me. On my skin, all I get is a sweet cotton candy scent. On a woman is pretty good though, but I wouldn't say it has "niche quality".

    Grand Soir and Oud Satin Mood are the ones I absolutely love!

    Great review as always brother 🙂

  2. Thanks Joy-san, Ok, you love this one… I will put it back on my list to sniff! I treasure my Grand Soir… smoky sweet resin…. It can last for days:))

  3. Welcome to the BR540 club bro. Great review as always and totally get that "Royal Maharaja type" point. This is my all time favorite. Thanks for the shout out again. 😊

  4. At first sampling this was amazing but when i got the bottle, had to gift it to my brother. Not that good on my skin.
    Anyways, amazing review joy bhai, try grand soir too. Oud satin mood and silk mood are also gems .

  5. My bro.. how are you doing out there? Yes.. Baccarat Rouge 540 is just devine.. if you love it, you will continue to love it. When you wear this frag and you walk in, everyone will turn their heads and ask you what you are wearing.. glad you finally got a sample out there.

  6. I do not like sweet fragrances Joy, but your review peaked my interest. I will order a sample and see, and if I like it, I will review it too. Awesome review buddy.

  7. The Master piece and Blow me away!! with another level of fragrance. This one is on par of the top top fragrance in my opinion with long lasting. I just bought a 200ml bottle and will use it as my signature scent with Aventus. ❤ Cheers Bro! 😉

  8. Hello brother .. im a big fan of u.. after watching ur video i am interested in getting myself one baccarat rouge 540 .. but its very expensive.. do u hav any decants of it? If u hav i would like to purchase one.. please let me know

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