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CEG Dealer school in Las Vegas provides dealer and player instruction in all Casino Table Games. We provide job training and networking with casinos throughout Las Vegas and in markets throughout the USA. At CEG you can learn Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Poker, Single Zero Roulette, Pai Gow and more. All lessons are provided by a team of professional casino dealers and supervisors with 10-40+ years of experience at the best casinos in Las Vegas like the Cosmopolitan, the Bellagio, Aria, Wynn, Rio, Caesars Palace and many more.

CEG staff has a wealth of experience as casino dealers, high limit dealers, casino supervisors, casino managers, casino consultants and casino trainers. Combined we have more than 265 years of gaming experience, have worked for more than 40 casinos throughout North America and have opened over a dozen casinos in various capacities.

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CEG Dealer School
Learn from Experience. A Nevada State Licensed Casino Dealer Trade School.
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  1. Please take school out of your description. All systems have names…hearing you guys keep calling things a modified Martingale system? Holy shit.

  2. Any type of Marty modified or otherwise can be very dangerous… I just got a new money management system from Vegas Grind and it's much safer… i don't know if you can comment on other peeps systems but this guy seems legit

  3. Martingale is very dangerous…How about looking at a system that is a lot less riskier? My channel, Vegas Grind Money Management System is the real deal and I want to know what you think because my comments are always on and I have nothing to hide.

  4. I will wait for the 3 streak then I bet on the opposite..

    – 4th 10$ – 5th 10$ – 6th 30$ – 7th 60$ – 8th 120$ I do have a 8 streak chances.. If I lose the 8th streak I stop.

    Stop win will be 100 dollar. the only downside for this is you should have patience and discipline. I had lost around 5000$ in a single month by using this Normal Martingale System.

    Modified Martingale

    100 dollar in a month will be 3000$, in a month you will lost around 3-4 times, 4 x 230 = 920..

    3000 – 920 = 2080$

    20800$ profit in a month.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    I am using my system in Baccarat and Roulette black/red – odd/even – low/high bets

  5. I freaking love baccarat its the fastest game to make money on, for me anyways, but perhaps its just the way I play it.
    I'm not Asian either, I'm British my good sirs πŸ˜‰

  6. I suspect something wrong? The card shuffle doesn't work that way.. in real casino player get 1st card then banker go 2nd.. then Player get 3rd.. then banker get 4th.. the dealer did something wrong in this video..

  7. I am not Asian. Bac is the only game in the casino that I play. The system you tested is not new. It is probably almost as old as the Martingale. It is called the D'Alembert betting system. Named after the French Mathematician who invented it in the 1700s.

    In the vid it was mentioned that 7 losses in a row would be catastrophic. I disagree. It's painful but not catastrophic like losing 7 in a row with a Martingale. After 7 losses in a row your bet would be up to $40 for the next hand and if that losing streak started at base bet ($5) then you would be down $140 at that point. No big deal. just keep playing & GRIND it back.

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