1. very very dangerous assuming the banker won 2 times that banker wont win again.. I've seen banker win 8 in a row. double that each time and you do the math..same goes for roulette thinking red came out 5 times, black is surely to come out..WRONG!!! i got burned not once but twice.. 17 reds in a row and 12 black in a row.. avoid this kind of play at all cost!

  2. i play on trends and win—this morning on the 100 dollar table here in vegas the player went 16 times and i don't understand why i can walk out of the casino with 1,600.00 and every other person lost their money looking for a banker to come through for them im home now with my profit

  3. Strategy add on: Stop after losing 3 times. You never know when you will encounter a Dragon (Maybe you already did and lost all those 10 minutes $100 wins in one 5 minute session…)

  4. Yes! It seems to me that a proper modified martingale should stop at about three bets, that is two doublings! Sometimes this will work like a charm! In any case, risk is limited as you can lose only seven units with any one series!

  5. Martingale is a bankroll killer. DO NOT do it no matter what!
    It's better to take a small loss…youll most likely make up for it during the week.
    Don't listen to this clown

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