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Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
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  1. Happy New Year Wilson..
    Well your voice needs
    more Egg 🥚 Nog..
    Thanks for sharing your well seasoned Knowledge..
    See you next Year mate..
    Fellow YouTuber Famo59

  2. Happy Holidays Wilson,
    The Odds are 50/50 but your 6 Marty has a probability of NOT winning 1 in 64.

    Your calculation of the shoe having 12 in a row with BBP or PPB is not 4063 but 4096. Anyway the way you go about letting the trigger BBP BBP or PPB PPB to happen anywhere in the shoe will not gave you the 4096 probability. It only gave you an entry point. Your probability is still 1 in 64 to lose.

    However, if you want those triggers and bets to gave you the 4096, then the triggers HAD TO COME AT A SPECIFIC PREDETERMINED SPOT in the shoe but then, you will have to wait 'forever' for that to happen.

  3. hi,
    so you think the way you're playing your BBP now, has a better chance of winning than the way you played in your earlier videos? i guess that's what wentao wang goes into in an earlier message. your strategy anyway, looks very safe to me.

    happy new year,

  4. I enjoyed the videos you made throughout the year. I don't like to bet like you do, but I believe that you do well in the Casinos using your method. Happy New Year.

  5. Hey Wilson, Happy New Year.
    Please don't take this the wrong way. I enjoy watching your vids & I think your system is just as good as any, although personally I don't use a Marty. Just personal preference. Anyway here is the misconception I wanted to make you aware of. The odds of losing your next 6 hands in a row in Bac are approximately 1 in 64. That's 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 = 1/64
    I say approximately cuz it depends a tiny bit on if you are betting B or P or a combo of each. But that difference is very small so for all practical purposes 1 in 64 is VERY close.

    It really doesn't matter what the previous 6 hands were. If you are patient & wait for your trigger to show up then the odds of you losing your next 6 in a row are still approximately 1 in 64 (unfortunately).

    However the odds of you losing your next 12 bets in a row ARE indeed approximately 1 in 4096.
    I realize this is a tricky concept to grasp but 1 in 64 is correct for either winning you next 6 bets in a row or losing your next 6 bets in a row no matter what happened previously. Exact same if it was the start of the shoe.

    So does that mean your system is no good. No. Not by any means. If you are only trying to win a few units and quit for the day the odds of your success are still in your favor (for that one day but unfortunately not for the LONG RUN). On average each time you start a Marty betting cycle you will win your 1 unit 63 times for every bust out you encounter in the long run. So if you are only trying for a few units of profit for the day you really don't even need to be lucky to do that. All you have to do is avoid BAD luck for one day at a time. Eventually you will encounter that BAD luck day but hopefully by then you are UP more than 63 units. Lick your wounds & try another day.

  6. Can at one point you play your system live for all us non believers I want to be a believer in your lose 1 in 4000 attempts system I will quit my job please I just need some proof. I would start betting 1000 dollar marty and win one unit a day that would be fine with me.

  7. Thank you for letting us all know how to make a living at the casino I guess the magic ingredient is discipline the old vague discipline that you hear from hucksters like CM and others if you do not have so called discipline you can not win they use that as a escape when there systems fail, you must not have had discipline that is why you lost. You can beat the Big Wheel if you just have discipline.

  8. Wilson, i saw the no mirror go down twice in two columns, thats 12 losses in a row!!! Also, have seen bbpbbpbbpbbp and ppbppbppbppb …. and i was on both of them… internet but live dealer … HONEST cross my heart ;-(

  9. Happy New Year, Wilson. Give this system a try. Beginning with the 3rd hand, bet on whatever the last hand did. If it was the same as the previous hand, bet same. If it was opposite the previous hand, bet opposite. For instance, if hands 1 & 2 were BB, bet same as last hand which is Banker. If they were BP, bet opposite last hand which was Player, so you bet on Banker. The only pattern that will beat you is BBP, BBP, BBP or PPB, PPB, PPB.

  10. If the 1 in 4063 were correct we’d all be professional Baccarat players! But alas, it simply isn’t so. Just another gamblers folly. Love ya Wilson, but it just ain’t so.

  11. my betting system:4 beads row
    eg. 1st row : b p b b
    2 choppy 1 streak, choppy more than streak, next row bet 3 hands choppy (starting from the 2nd hand)
    e.g.. p bet b , if win then stop
    if lose in 1st hand: pp bet b
    if lose in 2nd hand: ppp bet b
    use 1.2.4 martingale

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