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Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is
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  1. Wilson- you will lose when you face triplets, PPP-BBB-PPP , we see them all the time.

    Best to use this strategy randomly using multiple shoes for a set profit goal. Never play a entire shoe. We are dealing with a casino man who got all the time and all the bankroll.
    Your right now right here strategy is the way to go….. my thoughts for you..

  2. Hey Wilson. I was just wondering on your 'Orginal BBP repeat System' don't you play it anymore? You haven't mentioned in a while.
    Have you changed the way you play?

  3. Hey! Wilson BBP is still the best for me as long as I get out of the casino. Good to see other ways of betting and keeping the Baccarat community thinking about the game thanks to these videos.
    Looking forward to seeing more🕵️

  4. Lol.. I will give you $4,000.00 for a guaranteed baccarat system Wilson..How come when you put your real hard earned money 💴 on a system..! Sooner or later YOU LOSE THE LOT..!!
    Well that’s gambling for you.. !! So the moral to the story is..!!! Only bet what you can afford to lose as the greedy bug will GET YOU… that’s Guaranteed..!
    Cheers Famo59 🍻

  5. If there ever was a winning baccarat system out there and it could be proven before you bought the system how much would you pay for said system? I was just wondering with all these system sellers out there looking for a 500 or more dollars for a "wining" system that seems like a dead giveaway that it does not work I would pay 10s of thousands for a system that worked and I could live off of it and make as much as I do now, sign me up.

  6. i love the system i hardly hit the terrible twos but i find if u get two players or bank and skip the next bet like suggested and u get two player so u skip n get banker so u bet player on next roll n get banker again so u skipthat bet and say get player so u bet banker u basically get caught in terrible twos anyways. got caught once. you follow? clear as mud lol. maybe not bet third either gonna practice.thx

  7. Hi Wilson, I love your video's and the fact that you're not trying to use it to make money out of your followers as many youtubers are, It's a really good idea to have a place we can exchange ideas and methods and systems without trying to rip each other off, after all we have the same passion to beat the casinos. I've been playing Baccarat for over 20 years but some of your systems have opened my eyes, I especially like this method of playing the same as the last with the the terrible two's adjustment of not playing after two. I have a betting strategy that I think is not as risky as the Martingale. It too is a progression betting strategy but watered down. I'll try to explain it, so here's how it goes: I would write down 1,2,3 representing each unit bet, my first bet would be 1 + 3 = 4 so my first bet would be 4 x $ 25 = $ 100 ( unfortunately here in Australia we don't have as many casinos as in the US so without competition the min unit bet I can play on table is $ 25 ) so if the bet is a win I would close off the external digits and cross off 1 and 3. The second bet after the win would be 2 units. ( if the second bet won the the 1st round is completed and start a new round of 1,2,3 ) If the 1st bet is lost than instead of closing in I would open it out to 1,2,3,4 once again I add the 2 external digits so 1 + 4 = 5 the bet would be 5 units and so on. I found this betting strategy very rewarding playing only Player bets for many years, however I can see the advantage following your playing method…the same as the previous and abstain from betting after 2 of same. Would you be kind enough to email me a copy of your simulator as I'd like to simulate a few hundred shoes to see how your playing method and my betting strategy would work out, I have a feeling we could be on to something reliable. My email address is I hope you and other viewers can benefit from my little contribution. I would be very grateful if you could email it. Best wishes from Australia

  8. Just played a shoe on my simulator and was +57.5 units!! 😲
    Wish I could have that happen in the real casino🙄😆😆
    My luck, if I play it in the casino i will lose😆😆
    Nice video Wilson!

  9. New subscriber here. Thanks for your videos. Hope every viewer is subscribing and hitting the 'Thumbs Up'' button. Nice win. Even if you flat bet, you would have won nine units following that strategy. That Bac game on the Wizard of Vegas site is the best on the internet. It uses an eight deck shoe. Not a continuous shoe.

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