Here’s all you need to know before buying Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Hope this helps some of you… enjoy!





Maison Francis Kurkdjian “Baccarat Rouge 540”

“The BEST Baccarat Rouge 540 DUPE!” –

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  1. Hi Josephine, I hope you could help me out…. 🙏 I cannot recognise what is the specific note in this fragrance that bothers me 🤔 it seems to me a very prominent one, really masculine and dry, sort of suffocating note 🙄 it lingers in a backgroud of the perfume even at the drydown. I have checked listed notes of Baccarat Rouge 540 : saffron and jasmine., ambergris and amberwood and the base notes are cedar and fir resin. None of them seem like the note I get there. If you could share your knowledge and help me identify the „dry masculine effect” I would be very grateful 🤗 Best Regrads 🌺🌸 Joanne

  2. idk if I should get BDK gris charnel, rouge smoking, initio psychedelic love, initio atomic rose or baccarat rouge 540. I want something sexy :/

  3. Performance monster. Nothing else I own even comes close, it's been nearly 26 hours since I last applied it on skin and I STILL smell it radiating from the crux of my elbows. I try an avoid the neck/throat to avoid going anosmic to it

  4. Dear Josephine.
    I really love how short yet informative your review on BR540 is. Would you consider doing in depth reviews on some of your favourite MFK lines ( similar to the Jo Malone one)? There are many others like 754, lumiere noire femme, amyris, grand soir, etc.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on them since there were mixed comments in fragrantica. It seems that the main selling power of MFK (in my country) is ironically its exorbitant price tag and scarcity, to a certain degree.(i.e. people around here will just buy because "expensive = must be good" fallacy.)
    Thank you and stay healthy▪︎

  5. This scent is just something else! You are certainly correct when you say this scent takes you into a baccarat rouge bubble. It really does take over your surroundings and that’s why a little goes a long way! This is a compliment magnet but ON ANOTHER LEVEL! Strangers go crazy over this scent when I go out and I’m always getting chased down the streets and on subway by people! I think everyone needs to try out this scent because it really will change your life!

  6. Candied cranberries or apples,but because it has Saffron in the notes,it smells like dentist’s room to me. This smell goes throughout all day . That’s what basically left after all the candied sugary smell gone. Unfortunately it’s not appealing to me . Basically all the perfumes which have saffron even if they have nice notes . The saffron tend to take over and dominate like a veil on them.

  7. I really can't tell why I'm the only one that Baccarat rouge just won't stick to..
    The scent disappeares after one hour and nobody can smell it on me 😶

  8. if you guys dont wanna pay the price for BR540, go for alexandrias interplay extrait. Its 95 percent identical, and it lasts 16 hours plus on my skin. I have both br540 and interplay extrait and they are damn near the same. baccarat has the luxurious smell and theres something about it that makes it better, but interplay extrait is amazinnnng for the price.

  9. I got a sample of this and find this scent very disturbing and I really don't think I can even go through my tiny sample of this I dread it so. To me it smells like burnt sugar mixed with antiseptic/hospital corridor kind of smell. I think this is a very polarizing fragrance, like alien by mugler, which is also so obnoxious to me.

  10. I tested this on my skin while I was in the store because I was curious on what it smell like. I don't know why but it smelled so bad on me to a point I wanted to gag. I really wanted to love it.

  11. to me, there is nothing more appropriate to hear a native french speaking person presenting ….french frags… sounds so shit when you hear english speaking people mispronouncing frags name

  12. I bought the extrait version. Of the 70 perfume scents I own, this is the one that receives non stop compliments when I am out in public. Yesterday a lady told me I smelled delicious and she just wanted to stay next to me all day.

  13. I finally got a bottle today and I loooooove it! So far, every blind buy I’ve done (all thanks to you) since I started watching your channel have been 100% excellent. You are the best ❤️ thank you so much!

  14. Hello my love! I honestly love this fragrance and I am willing to pay the price but I want to make it worthwhile. If this was a signature fragrance, how long do you anticipate the 70ml bottle would last me (frequent use). Would the 200ml be more worth it if I love the fragrance?

  15. I agree that the dupes aren't comparable. Ive tried the ALT version, ariana grande cloud, and burberry her. I found ALT really alcoholic and smelled gross after a while, cloud doesn't last more than an hour on me, burberry her is just not that similar. There is just no real competition for BR540. Its one fragrance i can say is worth the high price.

  16. I just purchased a day ago, do you have any idea, because i cant smell anything,on the first day i used it, then the next day i smell it but not that like what other people said thats its intoxicating and it doesnt last even an hour
    Hope you have an idea for this

  17. Uau! Such kind of perfection your review, but your pronounce is like a mermeid singing, we can't stop to hear or feel a deep pleasure. Congratulations for your outstanding performance, thank you for all dedication and love. Go ahead!

  18. Merci pour vos vidéos très utiles, c'est grâce à vous que j'ai découvert ce parfum, pas plus tard qu'hier via des échantillons commandés à MFK… et voilà, j'avoue en être une autre victime et je vais me l'offrir ! Moi qui à la base déteste les gourmands je trouve que la touche sucrée ajoute le côté sexy à un parfum très classe, et très complexe, qui présente des notes dans beaucoup de familles: un peu fruité (mûre ?), un peu fleuri, un peu aquatique, un peu boisé … bref, dieu sait que je suis compliquée et que j'erre depuis des années dans les grandes enseignes de parfum à la recherche de ma senteur de coeur sans rien trouver (c'est pourquoi je me suis intéressée tout récemment à la parfumerie de niche) et là …. c'est un coup de foudre 😀 !

  19. I finally broke and bought BR 540, I immediately sprayed it on my arm and literally got nothing. I almost started crying,, but decided to do a deep dive on YouTube to find out why?? apparently its a molecular frag,, and not everyone can smell it. someones advice was to try it a few more times then put it away for a week and try again. after doing that I was in fact able to smell it but I really don't think I am able to smell ALL of the notes because I do not get the sweet element at all as most other people can and I do get compliments. however, if I want to enjoy myself and smell myself, I have to layer it with something else. weird situation but Im not mad at it, what I CAN smell I like.

  20. Bought a bottle because of you 😊 and I love how it smells! ❤️ Hope it will last on my skin. Thanks for your great views, very informative and on point. 👌🏻

  21. There is simply NO PERFUME OUT THERE THAT CAN COME CLOSE TO BACARAT ROUGE! It is that ONE perfume that has the same effect as that elixir perfume created by perfumist in that 2006 movie “Perfume: story of a murderer”. It has crowds swooned, like a spell, that you cannot put your finger on and cannot explain. If expensive royal rich lush class could be distilled into a fragrance it is exactly BACARAT ROUGE (the eau de parfum clear bottle!). Fresh, candy-flosslike, warm, mesmerising – it’s like magic in a bottle. If you want to smell of expensive class, buy this one. No questions asked. Save till you can afford it. And if it runs out, after a long time, save for it again!

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