Star with: Scarlett Mae, Aila Donovan

Story: Aila Donovan is a barista at a cafe. Her next customer is Scarlett Mae, who orders a coffee and a pastry. After Scarlett sits down, she realizes that Aila looks familiar. It turns out that they’re neighbors, so Scarlett says they should hang out together sometime. Aila agrees that sounds like a nice idea, and says she’ll drop by Scarlett’s apartment after work.

Later that day, Aila visits Scarlett’s apartment as promised, and admires how nice the place is. The two women get comfortable, and start to have a conversation about relationships. Scarlett is a lesbian, while Aila says she is straight and has never been with a woman before. Scarlett is surprised that Aila has never even kissed a woman, and asks if she’d like to try. Aila agrees, so they start with a simple kiss, which then progresses to more kisses, as Aila finds herself really enjoying them. Next, they undress and start exploring each other’s breasts and pussies. Looks like they’re going to be VERY good neighbors!

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