As we all know opinions are like……. Well chocolates lol. There’s a variety of them, some sweet and some bitter 😆. Thanks for watching my take on this amazing fragrance house. Have an amazing and blessed day lovely people. Please follow me on Instagram @Marcemell0w where we have lots of fun.

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  1. I tried a sample of the Baccarat 540 Extrait today and it smells like heaven in a bottle. It is an amazing fragrance but the price is a lot. It’s a beautiful scent.

  2. I’m just as excited to see your caftans and jewelry as the perfume. BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve been wondering about this comparison….Also, thanks for sharing the info on plaque and circulation. Great info👍🏽

  3. Love Grand Soir. Yes, it is masculine when you first spray it, but then it changes and becomes more feminine. BR 540 I do have to over spray, at least the EDP. If I spray my hair it will last longer. I hope to get the extrait for my birthday in September.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this review on MFK fragrances👌👌👌. I sampled the original, the extrait and oud satin mood and I loved the extrait the most. However, I will have to save for it and the original for next year as I have a lot of other Niche fragrances that are on my wish list🤩🤩🤩.. I also love Oud Satin Mood, it’s very potent in a lovely way but I have the Nina Ricci one and I also love it. Great video, please keep up the good work😘😘😘 I’m looking forward to your Nina Ricci video😍😍😍.

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