Brand NEW Baccarat Strategy Called “COPYCAT” Now Available!
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89 SPECIAL is a Baccarat Strategy you can ADD to your game! Here is how it works:
● Wait for a Natural 8 or Natural 9 WINNER to show up, (No Ties)
● Take a free hand & see if the Natural 8/9 winner won again or lost
● Place your bet on whoever won after the Natural
(example 1 – Player shows Natural 9, Player wins free card = Bet Player)
(example 2 – Player shows Natural 9, Banker wins free card = Bet Banker)

● During your FREE CARD, if another NATURAL shows up on the OPPOSITE side, RESTART the 89 SPECIAL & take another FREE CARD.
(example – Player shows Natural 9, free card is a Natural 9 win for the BANKER)
● Bet TWICE after your free card
● Restart 89 SPECIAL after a WIN or BETTING TWICE
● Do not count Natural 8 TIES or Natural 9 TIES


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  1. If the majority of cards dealt are red play player. If they the majority are black play banker. If it's a tie and
    The majority is even A thru 10 bet banker. If the majority is odd play player.
    If there is tie play opposing the last winning side.

  2. Case is 9 Player hand free 6 Banker bet Banker Result Player (loose) question : is bet again banker 1 more hand or take and free and restart new case

  3. After I take a free card and I'm ready to bet. I bet banker and now Natural 8 Player comes. Do I bet banker one more time? Or take a free hand because Natural 8 came.

  4. I have this scenario:

    Player wins w/ Natural
    Wait second hand and
    Player wins again with a Natural
    Now you bet on Player and you win with a Natural

    So, do you keep betting on Player since the previous hand was a Natural anyways or do you just restart with the Natural that you just won and wait a hand.

  5. thanks i will try this one today, just one question. So lets say if natural 9 wins again natural 8 (player 9 and banker 8) do you mean to say we dont take free hand and bet on player straight away?

  6. Not sure if this is accurate or not, but… I have noticed that if a natural wins, then the same side wins again, then the other side gets a natural win, the win for the initial natural will come up. Would you agree Mister Rafael? I could be wrong… i've just seen it happen frequently

  7. Thank you for sharing Rafael, I have a question
    Draw 1 = natural 9 on banker
    Draw 2 = Tie 4
    Draw 3 = 6 on player
    Do u bet on player ? Or restart because draw 2 is Tie 4 ?
    Thank u Rafael..

  8. I would have to say this is one of the best systems because the player isn't relying on the Baccarat board to guesstimate what the next decision could be.

    This method is great because it's based on cards drawn and picking up a bias based on natural 8 or 9.

  9. Why the explanation at 1:45 and 2:10 are different?

    At 1:45 you said:
    Natural appeared in Player.
    Next, if free hand, natural 8 appear in Banker, please reset and restart.

    While at 2:10:
    Natural 8 appeared in Player.
    Next, if free hand, natural 8 appear in Banker. Wait for the next free hand.

    Please advise…

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