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Hey guys, this is my NO MIRR0R method I use when playing Baccarat. I wait for the column of 6 to complete & then bet for the next column to NOT MIRROR. I go for 1 hit per column then move on to the next until I am up 3-5 units! Let me know what you think!

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  1. Is there any reason you use Fibonacci when determining your bet units? Not sure if there’s an actual mathematical or statistical advantage to that or if that is just preference. Thanks!

  2. you were talking to the betting scenario and you said if you had lost one two three but one five then you would bet 3 on the next series would you then stopped at 13 if you continue to lose or will you be at 26

  3. Thanks for uploading this man, been using this over the last 3-4 days and turned £100 to £160, doesn't sound like a lot but £60 in 4 days, each day being about 20 minutes of playing, that's 15% profit for 20 minutes of baccarat. Works really well

  4. Hey bro, can you keep your phone out at the casino? And if not how do you keep score so you can make sure you are mirroring properly?

  5. Hi sir i watch your video so many time ,but i still not understand no mirror . Could you please give example and show me the easy way. thank you so much . I lost much money with baccarat without strategy.

  6. are you sure about the progression …,the way I see it you are either even or you lose money because of the commission's …I don't get it

  7. The casinos in upstate New York are just starting to open in my area… The one closest to me opened with Blackjack, Slots and Baccarat… only one Baccarat table with $50 min. bet… I am a Craps player… I came across this NO MIRROR system this morning… Went to play and the table was full with others trying to get in… I finally got in after waiting 45 minutes… When I sat down it was time for a new shoe… Finally got to bet and played for less than 2 hours… Started with a $500 bankroll… Betting only the min… I cashed out with $1025… actually was more but I gave a big tip to the dealer… A GREAT way to start… less stressful and easier than CRAPS…

  8. I use this system all the time. I take enough money for 8 hands of play progesive bettting. I play till I hit 3 loses than stop and wait till the next oposite pair show up then resume in a progressive bet never play 8 hands in a row trying to get the win stop after 3 losses then resume when you get the next opposite pair.. It works great for me. I start with a $25 bet and win 2 to 4 hands make $50 to $100 then move to another table and repeat. Don't play if you don't have enough bank roll for atleast 8 hands of play progessive betting. And don't ever play the whole shoe just win a couple hands and move to another table.

  9. I was doing fantastic with someone else's strategy for 5 days last week I was up three grand and on the fourth day I lost 5 tried to make my money back and lost another 2k so in the end I lost four grand but to be fair I lost my cool

  10. Honestly Guys No Bullshit. I deposited $500 dollars into my online casino account and played this strategy combined with the HA system. I played for 45 minutes and am up $545. What I did was use this "No Mirror" system of betting the opposite of the column before it while using Mister Rafaels "HA" system level progression as seen on Day 1 of his 30-day vlog. It felt great to try two new systems and combine them into one that I found successful while trying for the first time. I can't speak for everyone as everyone's bankroll is their own so gamble responsibly but thanks Mister Rafael for sharing.

  11. Best method ever. But you should stop at target or you'll lose when double bet at mirror column. Just remember, play less to avoid mirrror column. In the morning, i start with 1000 and earn 2000. Then i lost all that profit in the evening.

  12. Helllo , can care to explain what if u lose the first two hand of the no mirror the 3rd hand u lost to a tie again so what to bet for the next hand ?
    1) follow the next hand , no mirror
    2) cont with betting the same hand that lost to a tie.

  13. Attitude is key to earn money from this baccarat. I have tried many ways and now this is really work it out for me. Recently, I have started to share with everyone is struggling in this lockdown pandemic. low Bankroll for everyone efforts to play. Good ROI. Nice job 👏 bro…

  14. I just came across your channel 3 or 4 days ago and I've watched most of the videos. I'm quite impressed with this system you came up with and have already been playing it with success. Thanks for sharing! I have a quick question that I have not been able to find an answer to. What do you suggest doing once you have completed the betting sequence of 1-2-3-5-8-13?

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