In this Video I will be sharing new best cheap alternative fragrance under 30 $ for compliment monster Baccarat Rouge, none other than New Zara Pour Homme Night V (Zara Pour Homme Night 5) …. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to get notifications by my new uploads
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Fragrances Mentioned
Baccarat Rouge 540
Ariana Grande Cloud
Zara Pour Homme Night V
This Video:
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  1. Thanks for sharing this one Mehdi. I looked at Zara website for first time after your last vid and also saw BFLs vid about Zara Warm Black, did u try that one? Someone mentioned it is supposedly a clone of Tobacco Vanille or PDM but didnt say which one lol (maybe Herod or Carlisle?). As far as BR540 alternatives the ones I've tried r cheaper than BR540 but not too cheap like Mancera Instant Crush, Montale Sensual Instinct, and Bois 1920 Oro Rosso(probably the closest to the OG where the other 2 have their own take on that vibe). Have a good one brother.
    – Colin

  2. Never heard of this one but im really curious. Going to order this one right now bc I absolutely love the BR540 smell. I also love the Rich warm addictive and 9.0 from Zara

  3. Bro I sniffed and tested both Bac.Rouge and GrandSoir and I canβ€˜t understand at all how men can wear these two. I found both of them disgusting and repulsive to be honest. Absolutely not my cup of tea. Anyway, all tastes are different…

  4. Casino royal night by dua is far better than br540 with same scent profile like 100 percent but better quality with beast mode performance.. have it and you will thank me later for sure.

  5. I have an important question about the expiry date of unopened perfumes.. I have about 25 boxed new famous brands perfumes i have been storing them for maybe 5 years or more, i was wondering if time can have effect on them even if they're stored in dry dark place away from air & sun light.. I'm really afraid if it could lose even a bit from it's quality.. Hope you help me on this with experience regarding that issue.. Regards πŸ’•

  6. I found the performance of this one really bad. It was very light immediately after I sprayed it on and it was pretty much gone within half an hour. It’s nice while it lasts though

  7. I blind bought this one last week and immediately bought a back up bottle. Didn't realise it was a dupe for Baccarat Rouge however, I just think it's a gorgeous scent and the dry down is amazing and it lasts for hours. Love it! 😁

  8. Got this one on the mail today. Great fragrance and I find the juice kinda potent on my bottle. To me this smell sugary and mixture of rhubarb and strawberry, synthetic but not in a bad way.

  9. Personally, I did not like the smell of Night Pour Homme V at all!.I purchased it mainly based on the hype train associated with Bacaret Rouge. It's way too sweet and not masculine smelling, like the medicinal smell of inside a hospital/dentist or you get a sickly sweet candy floss vibe!. I don't know how anyone would want to wear this or have it in their collection, male or female!?πŸ˜‚

  10. I have this as a blind buy. I never tried BR before so no idea about a comparison. I personally don't like this, so I can recommend to try before you buy.

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