1. Love this rant 😂, I do like BR 540 but definitely agree that none of the mentioned fragrances Kalan etc. are clones of it. Kalan in the first minute has a similarity but goes completely opposite after that initial blast and instant crush is completely different, as much as I like BR 540 I do have to agree with you

  2. This needed to be said!👏 This whole ‘it smells like BR 540’ thing has gotten completely out of control in my opinion. Literally anything that smells slightly sweet automatically has baccarat Rouge 540 reference to it- “it definitely has a baccarat rouge sweetness in there” blah blah blah, yawn. BR540 didn’t invent sweetness in fragrance LOL!
    I was reading reviews on Fragrantica this week about Initio Oud For Greatness. Just about every other review mentioned how close it was to BR 540, a spicy oud fragrance! Madness…
    I wonder how many people have actually smelt Baccarat Rouge 540, or maybe it’s just super fashionable to reference it constantly.
    Anyway, rant over, I’m glad I got that off my chest. Great video George.

  3. Fragrance apprentice you're right the frags that people say smell like BR540 are a mile off. Especially the Arianna grande which smells like suntan lotion. But I dint agree with the it's nothing new. You may be able to put it into a category by looking at its notes but it smells like nothing else and imo is a masterpiece.

  4. Doesn't the concept apply the same to Aventus as well? Everything that has a note of pineapple is automatically an Aventus clone. Everything is apparently "inspired" by Aventus. Even Elysium by Roja Dove is a copy or insipired by Aventus which to my nose is nothing alike.

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