Hello Friends! I want to review today Oud Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Have you tried this fragrance? Do You think it’s better than Baccarat Rouge 540? Let me know down below!

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  1. Good review. I resisted the rose/oud thing until I tried Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade. It features a smokey birch under rose and oud and is fantastic! Masculine and beast. 💥👑

  2. Did you try MFK – Oud? It’s a really nice fresh out I got a sample with my Oud Satin Oud and instantly love it it’s more fresh more wearable and doesn’t seem to get much hype or talk. Definitely my next purchase from the house may even sell my Oud Satin Mood to pay towards it.

  3. Hi, in my humble opinion for the house of MFK I think Gran Soir is the next best thing after Bacarrat Rouge 540 Extrait. I also have to admit that even though the rest of the line isn't for me, the quality is definitely there.

  4. Thanks Josh! Haven't had a chance with those yet, but, I do have a bottle of Grand Soir. Nice! ..great for a posh, evening event fall/winter,..not so much for the beach environment s where u and me hang…still gotta get it this tamed, beast!

  5. Haaaaa! I don't care that u didnt like it, I'm just glad to see my comment made the video!! Appreciate the honest review though my dude. And yes not a drop of Oud in it. Try Masculin Pluriel and Aqua Universalis Forte or Grand Soir.. BR540 is def a beast!!

  6. Oud satin mood is too feminine baccarat rouge tho just grand soir is 50/50 I could accept to wear … really too feminine for my taste… respect to lovers

  7. Man Not going to lie love OSM, just had to get me a 2.4 of it… But I keep hearing that 540 might smell better… Looks like I'm about to be down 600 bucks 😫

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